Setting up fail safe function on Futaba T18SZ radio through Power Box Expander and R7008SB receivers

  • Hello Richard .

    I am having serious issues setting up fail safe on the throttle channel on the Futaba T18SZ and R7008SB receivers through the power box expander unit .

    The receivers can be programmed to fail safe on all channels if connected separately or collectively to a power box sensor switch but when these receivers are connected and operated through the Power Box expander , I am not able to program any of the fail safe channels on the transmitter , particularly the throttle channels which is essential to me

    I have six of these expander units on my jets and they operate satisfactorily with Jeti /JR and Futaba radio , but as it has become compulsory for us to set up failsafe on the throttle channel on our club , I have not been able to do this .

    Could you help please


  • Hello,

    if you have two receivers on the Expander you have to program the failsafe in the Expander! Else you would not have failsafe output if both receivers are absent.

    Use the PowerBox Terminal or mobile app and set the failsafe positions in the Expander