Smoke pump V4 setup

  • 5 years after I have purchased my second V4 smoke pump. Start setting up my JR11X radio. Very easy , connected Aux4 channel on my JR receiver, engaged 2 position switched with -100 , +40 Travel adjust, works fine I can easily arrange the flow rate increasing the 45 travel up or down , open and close ,so my question is;

    As I understand from the manual smoke pump will shut downs itself 2 minutes after closed via the switch???in this case green light should also be closed BUT NOT.

    when I shut down the pump via 2 position switch green light remains on , does not shut down as well, only green light remains lighting pump stops, is it normal?

    because of it I arrange via using my receiver failsafe function then now when I shut down the radio signal during the pump on, it shuts off .

    Anyhow , all above normal or am I doing something wrong?