• Hi Richard,

    I have just purchased a new GPS2, connected it to the bluecomm to set for Jeti but it updated first, BUT I'm sure the screen said current version v13 new version v10 but it updated successfully anyway, now the GPS will not connect to the bluecomm at all and only has a slow flashing green light. Any ideas please.


  • Hello,

    current version V11 new Version 10? Yes- this can be - they are both identical. The only difference is the pre settings.

    Wait until the LED flashes fast before you press the "NEXT" button. then you can reach it again. If it was set to Futaba this takes a minute!

  • Hi Richard,

    Left the GPS on for 5 mins with blucomm on GPS selected but didn’t press ‘quick connect’ green light only flashes slowly, after the 5 mins pressed ‘quick connect’ even though the light only slow, after counting down the screen returned to GPS and no connection. There is no ‘next’ button on my iPhone bluecomm.


  • Hello,

    this is impossible! It´s software -no way that all other units work and this one not. Hardware seems to be o.k.

    No it doesn´t need satellites. Only a battery- it must flash fast after 10 seconds or 1 minute - depending on the settings.

    Send it back if you don´t get it done we will check it.