Sparkswitch Pro switches on and off during flight

  • Hello,

    Last week I had a emergency landing because my engine (Saito FG-60R3) was hesitating every couple of seconds.

    I could clearly hear no ignition and not related to the engine.

    Luckily I fly Jeti and have recorded the telemetry. I found the Voltage AND Current dropped to 0 V and 0 A now and then.

    This must be problem from ignition battery up to SparkSwitch Pro as there is the telemetry coming from.

    I checked battery and connectors but al seems fine. So it has to be the SparkSwitch PRO that gives the problem.

    I run the engine on ground and could not replicate the problem .

    Does anyone has an idea?

  • I guess my problem is not interesting enough?

    Double checked wiring from battery to switch and battery itself and that was satis.

    So it must be an unreliable SparkSwitch pro. Send it back for guarantee and hopefully it will be replaced for a new one by Powerbox as this unit I don’t thrust anymore!

  • Hi Didier,

    to be honest, I do not see any other reason, only to have an issue with battery connectors, or issue with the SparkSwitch Pro. The behavior you described is strange. I never faced a similar issue with SparkSwitch Pro, and I installed 11 devices into a different type of planes and engines, always without issues, only initially I had a problem to setup telemetry :-) but it was my problem with Futaba.

    I would suggest sending back the device if you're absolutely sure that no cabling/wiring problem.

    good luck!


  • Hello Richard and Rudolf,

    Thanks for your comments.

    No, it was not fail-safe issue. Please check picture 3 for Q values.

    In my opinion it can't be the wiring from SparkSwitch to ignition module as the voltage is measured at the SparkSwitch and if the wire is loose to the ignition module, you still measure 8,3V.

    The wiring to the switch from battery was correct and triple checked. It was also not a vibration or heating issue as the switch is attached to velcro and located in the fuselage. As for the throw settings, yes when switch is on, it is on +80% (Jeti). I had around 30 flight without any issue.

    From the data I can see the ignition is pulling 0,5A at max RPM (3 cylinder Saito) and is well within limits of the switch.

  • Hello Richard,

    My retailer just send me a brand new Sparkswitch Pro.

    I asked what was wrong with my old parkswitch but he said Powerbox did not give any feedback what was wrong with the switch.

    Can you give me any feedback what was wrong with the switch.