PB Core Update

  • Update History:


    Linux Application V1.4

    Transceiver      V1.5

    Stickcontroller V1.3

    • Telemetry menu function (makes receiver and P²-Bus sensor parameters adjustable)
    • Address shifting for sensors if more than one of the same sensor is connected to the P²-Bus
    • Buttons with toggle/momentary option
    • Virtual switches
    • Servo Cut off function
    • Timer setup now direct in the widgets (old timer widgets have to be renewed by user)
    • Separate Timer Stop function
    • Export of single models to a USB memory stick
    • Servo list sorted by functions
    • New servos are created with 50% throw to avoid jamming servos in new planes
    • some bug fixes which had minor effects
  • Update History:


    Linux Application V1.5

    Transceiver      V1.8

    Stickcontroller V1.3

    • 12 Flightmodes implemented with priority control and fade-in functionality
    • Trim Bugfixing (check your trims in the model - they may have changed slightly!)
      • for example Trim 100% + Stick 100% is 200% now
      • Left and right trim correction
      • Trimposition shown in the graphics
    • Input can be set to -100% now
    • Trim clicks sounds with more volume
    • Note widget for personal text notes
    • endless screen lock option
    • Minor bugfixing (clock, text issues...)
    • Added a new Demo model which shows a simple flightmode usage

    IMPORTANT: Copy the files with the Terminal to your USB stick. The update process is the same as the last time, but there is one issue which is fixed with this update but you have to take care this time:

    WARNING: If you start the update and the radio asks you to turn off, don´t turn off at once. Wait at least 20 seconds before you turn off. This time is needed to copy all files correctly.

    If you don´t wait this time the update may crash your radio!!!