How to - Update the Core

  • Hello Core pilots,

    the first Core Update is released. As the Core doesn´t support the Wifi update yet, you can do it easily with any USB memory stick of at least 1 GB size. The Update needs to be copied to the Memory stick which is easily done with the latest PowerBox Terminal.

    1. Download the Program from our website and install it.

    2. When you are done, start the Terminal program. If you are asked to start in the Demo version because no USB cable is connected, click Yes. Connect the USB stick to the computer and click on "Core Update"

    3. Click on Next. The USB stick will be formatted and all files are copied. If this is done, start the Core and wait until it´s complete booted.

    4. Check the Memory stick content if all files are there and the files have the same size as below:

    5. Open the Menu, then -> Settings menu -> System -> Software Check -> Update (Button on the Top).

    6. You are asked to turn off the radio: WAIT 20 seconds before you turn off the radio!

    7. Turn on the radio again and follow the screen messages!