Complete lockout

  • Hi all. I’ve lost confidence in my gear. Suspect powerbox shutdown/lockout. I have recently lost a rather expensive model due to failiure of suspected powerbox mercury srs . I am running dual redundancy on batteries and receivers r7008sb receivers and options power packs. Whole flight was fine but on landing approach it locked out and hit the floor with a thud. I am using savox sb2290 servos. Is the amp draw from the servos the possible problem ?

  • Hello,

    and just due the fact that you crashed you are convinced that the PowerBox stopped working? Or do you have any detailed information which leads you to that statement?

    And no the high amp is no problem for the Mercury- we don´t use fuses!

  • Hello,

    if you Google a little bit you will find out that it is not impossible to have a lockout even with two receivers.

    If the PowerBox smells I assume that there had been a high current draw in the plane.

    But as Tadango says: Without the PowerBox here we just can suppose what happened

    Here is the link how to send the PowerBox: https://www.powerbox-systems.c…ort/reparaturanfrage.html