Rudder+ VT Gyro Mix Gain limit

  • Every time I perform hovering with my jet everything goes well, how ever when I needed more Gyro VT+Rudder mix gain lets say more than 10-15% gyro gain for rudder + vector thrust mix to control the jet in hovering transition in harrier, suddenly all the Rudder + VT mix Gyro stops and the jet heads down toward the right or left side! Is there anyway we can increase change Gyro mix gain for Rudder +VT lets say more than 10-15%?

  • In the hovering with no wind everything is fine,

    but with a little bit of cross wind you can’t hover in fixed position and with 10% of stick for rudder, the airplane goes to turn in yaw and uncontrollable!

    It is like that the I-gyro gradually loses its sensitivity, the more stick movement, the more gyro effectiveness declines, for example you can’t do turn in harrier flight, I need to be able to adjust or change the gyro sensitivity in order "NOT" to "decrease" at least before the "20%" area of the stick throw position in each direction, now after moving only 10% of the stick to each direction the gyro sensitivity decrease.