Problem testing the system with 2 HoTT GR24 Receivers

  • Hello,

    We have a Competition SRS system connected with 2 GR24 Receivers. Transmiter is a Graupner MZ32. Bind one receiver after the other. In both receivers is selected SUMD of 16.

    The system starts ok, and then if we disconnect the wire from Rx Input 2 in the PB, the system is still running, but if we disconnect the wire from Rx Input 1, the system doesn´t run.

    We have tried to reset the receivers at least 10 times without solving this issue.

    May we get some help from you?

    I thank you in advance.



  • Manual page 11

    Pilatus PC-6 "Turbo Porter" 1:4,5 mit 3W80R2, Jeti DC-16:thumbup:
    Pilatus PC-6 "Himalaya Porter" 1:4 mit King 100, R12-22, BAT64:/
    Pilatus PC-6 "Turbo Porter" 1:4(Avatar) mit SPT-5, PB Competition SRS:thumbup:, Jeti DC-24:thumbup:
    Piper PA-18 "Super Cub" 1:4 mit ZG-62, BAT64:/