Mercury and Spektrum ECU telemetry

  • I am wondering if there is any way to get my Swinin ecu telemetry to display on my DX18. I tried connecting an LM1100 to my Mercury but even though it binds and telemetry is displayed on my radio, it all seems to be garbage. Don’t even get temperature displayed. Connected ECU to telemetry port but of course, no ECU displayed. Is it possible to display at all ? LM1000 is no longer available.

  • You have to use a tm1000 connected to the Mercury with both the 4 pin and the 3 pin wires (2 tele ports of the Mercury). And use a y wire (or build your own) to connect the xbus wire also to your turbine telemetry. This worked flawlessly for me with Mercury, dx18, tm1000 and jetsmunt telemetry.