PowerPak 2.5X2 PRO X 2

  • Hello,

    i replaced my 2 old powerbox lipos in my 3.03m christen eagle wit 2 X powerpak 2.5X Pro lipos.

    I fully charged them the evening before i went flying and the morning before i went flying i plugged them in once again until the leds changed from red to green.

    They are connected with a powerbox competition srs.

    I also did build in a powerbox smokepump wich takes its current from the powerbox.

    After the first flight (8min) i saw that the voltage shown on the powerbox was arround 7.8V for the 2 lipos.

    In that first flight i used the smokepump for the first time ever.

    For the second flight i didn't use the smokepump as i was affraid why the lipos were yet at 7.8V

    After the second flight 1 lipo was at 7.6V and the other on 7.4V.

    A third time a didn't dare to fly.

    Is decrease in Voltage normal?Does the pump take so much in standby?

    kind regards,


  • In the manual it says that in order to see if the battery is still ok you have to discharge the battery till 3v per cell.

    Does this mean i have to discharge the battery till 6v as i can't connect a balancer to it?

    This way i can see how much mah comes out of the battery before it is on 80%