iGyro 1e with Spektrum AR636 and SAFE Mode

  • Hello,

    I want to add a heading hold gyro to my rudder of my airplane.

    The AR636 is programmed with SAFE and has a 3 Axis Gyro but no heading hold.

    I can disable the rudder gyro of the Spektrun AR636 so I could install this iGyro as a rudder gyro.

    The problem I have had with other manufacturers of 1 axis gyros is the initialization procedure.

    Upon turning on the receiver power, the AR636 receiver goes through a routine of wagging all the control surfaces as a reminder SAFE mode is running.

    This obviously is sending signals to the iGyro.

    They do stop and then center the surfaces.

    Will that initial wagging cause issues with the iGyro? A previous purchase from another manufacturer was a bust since the gyro would not center properly due to this initial surface wag on power up.

    I'm hoping this is not an issue with iGyro.