3D hovering

  • Richard- I have a 100cc 3D plane and want some assistance with hovering, Can I set up my mode 2 switch with some heading percentage to help with that? I would only go to that switch for hovering. If so any thoughts on if I should use a lot of gain or little?

  • Hello,

    2 hints:

    - With Heading Gain on all surfaces (Flight mode 3 after assistent) the plane will hover itself - in non windy conditions. But due to you have no speed and the plane cannot follow all gyro inputs we don´t recommend it. If on surface is at full deflection and you want to go on flying, it may come to unforeseen movements. Not recommended

    - With much Normal Gain and no Heading Gain, the Gyro supports you perfect when hovering. The Gyro is damping wind and torque from the engine. After you have flown in the plane with the assistant, remove the heading for aileron and elevator in FM2 to get this.

  • Hello,

    "assistant" is the Setup Assistent to fly in the gyro- available from V16. Did you use this setup assistant? If yes, you have following settings:

    Gyro off

    Aileron: Heading+ Normal
    Elevator: Heading+Normal
    Rudder: Normal

    Aileron: Heading+ Normal
    Elevator: Heading+Normal
    Rudder: Heading+Normal

  • That's right I'm using the V17 and did set it up and got those settings. After I removed all the heading setting manually because I fly 3D. Do you think I should have one flight mode with a higher gain setting to help assist with hovering?

  • Hello,

    a better option would be to fly in only normal gain. Without assistant. Then you are sure that the plane doens´t oscillate when you go from hovering to normal flight.
    You can assign a channel to adjust normal gain for aileron, elevator and rudder seperate.

    Another method is to increase the normal value step by step in 10% steps.

    You don´t need to make a flight mode only for hovering- the GPS generates best Gyro settings for hovering as well for normal flying.