Powerbox Professional

  • Hello I MAY have a problem with my powerbox professional and I would like to have it checked. but before that I would like to have a second opinion here. I have a servo connected to B output. nomatter where I have it connected B1 or B2(it has two on the same line) it still seems to be unable to hold power under a little stress. I mean when I put some stress with my finger this starts to jitter and eventually retreats from it's initial place. this only happens to one direction and also happens incidentally. sometiems it seems to hold power some others not. the output is going to the flap servo of my plane when lowered it can't hold power and I even lost my plane once till I realise the issue. . At first I though it was the servo and I swaped it out for a new one only to realize the problem was not gone.. almost lost my turbine plane due to this. I also replaced my servo leads with new ones with no luck. could it be that only that line may be failing? I also have another extention line in between to be honest which is really difficult to reach but I want to know first if it can be only that one output on the Powerbox that may have a dry joint or anything that can affect only that servo output. I mean is it common to have such issues? afterall the powerbox professional is a little old. I have also updated to the latest firmware if that may opposed an issue with no luck again.

    EDIT: Can I use an extention lead and instead of pluging the servo lead to B output directly to the receiver and see if the problem persists ? if it does it means that the issue is the in between cabling instead and not a powerbox problem. I mean does the RC provide enough power or just signal ?

  • Hello,

    i hardly can imagine that the Powerbox doesn´t work in one direction and in the other one it makes problems.

    Follwoing for testing:

    1. Connect ony a servo direct to the outputs to see if it´s working.

    2. Check the mechanics of the surface (hard in one soft in the other direction?)

    3. Reset the servomatching from this output by initializing it new.

  • Thank you for your reply. Servo on a separate servo tester works great both the first one that i thought it was faulty and the replacement. The surface moves freely in both directions.

    Slight pressure to push the flap up the servo starts to jitter and then retreats. Very little pressure. Both servos behave the same way