Different consumption between the two batteries

  • Hello Richard,

    My powerbox is new and I noticed after the first flights a big difference between the consumption of the two batteries (150 mA for battery 1 compared to 450 mA for battery 2). I doublechecked the batteries and I crossed them (Battery 2 plugged on socket 1 and battery 1 plugged on socket 2) but the problem was still present. So, I changed the output voltage and put it at 5,9v, instead of 7,4v, and then, the problem dissapeared. I put again the voltage at 7,4v and did a factory reset, and just after that I had an error message "Regulator malfunction". When I do the same sequence at 5,9v I have no error message. So, I think I have an issue with one of the two regulators at 7,4v. Is it a software issue or something else (My version is V25) ? Thank you for your feedback.

  • Hello Richard,

    I have received today my box back from repair and, unfortunately, the problem is still present.

    When I test it at 7,4V my consumption is of 10 mA on regulator 1 whilst it is of 23 mA on regulator 2. When I make a reset factory I still have the error message "regulator malfunction".. At 5,9 V before it was working properly, now my consumption is of 10 mA on regulator 1 whilst it is of 19 mA on regulator 2.

    So, the situation is worst now than before repairing.

    Please what is your view point, and I suppose I have to send it back for the second time to your shop !

  • Hello Richard, I have re-tested the box this morning whith two high torque servos. The conclusion is that the higher the current is, the bigger the difference of consumption between the two regulators is.

    The starting point was at 2800 mA ; when the consumption of one battery is 200 mA, the consumption of the other one is roughly 40 mA, so there is a ratio of 1 to 5. As I use two batteries of 1800 mA in my jet, it means that when one of the two batteries will be discharged of 20%, the other one will be more than empty !

    Please see the screenshot here-attached.


  • Hello,

    yes I can see a regulator malfunction when I make a factory reset at 7,4 V.

    However I have 4 other boxes and I did exactly the same sequence on one competition SRS (V22) installed in an aerobatic plane, and I had the same message. So, I think that this message appears on all competition SRS (Factory reset at 7,4V).

    In this plane I have 8 high torque servos (34 Kg/cm), and after a discharge of roughly 1A on each battery I can see a difference between the two batteries of maximum 50 to 60 mA, which seems to be normal.

    So for sure there is a real issue on the box I sent to you for repair, and this issue is still present.

  • I was not clear enough : when the output voltage of your box is set at 7,4 and when you make a factory reset and go out of the menu, on your screen you have the message "regulator malfunction" (instead of having the usual information screen). You have to switch off the box to make the message dissappear. When you switch it on again the screen is ok and the box woks normally. I think you can check it at your shop.

    So that why I don't think that message is a real issue, On the contrary the discharge, or the consumption, which is done mainly on one battery is a real problem, because it means that you can discharge quickly one battery and lose the redudancy of two batteries..

  • Hello,

    Frankly speaking I am very fond of Powerbox products and I have a lot.

    The principle of a box is to have a redudancy of batteries, receivers, circuits and so on.

    it is more than surprising to read that you consider normal a powerbox which works on only one battery (because with mine, after 4 flights, I have one battery empty and the other one rather full) !

    I am not talking of a differnce between the two regulators of a few mA, but of more than 1,5A !

  • Hello Richard and thank you for your positive answer.

    To try to be clear I will describe you what I can see with that box in my plane. I set up the output voltage at 7,4V and I use 2 Lipos of 1800 mA each, so I put a battery capacity of 1600 mA. After 4 flights I can see on my box screen that the residual capacity is around 1400 mA on battery 1 and around 350 mA on battery 2. One flight more, and I will be in a non safe situation with one battery nearly flat and the other one 80% full. I never saw such a difference on the 5 other Powerboxes I bought.

    Regarding the shipment, as I bought this box at Lindinger's they proposed me to send it back to you and to explain this issue in German.