Gyro Gain

  • Hi There,

    I set my Gyro up through the assistant but now i have lost the gain channel slider functionality (Through my own fault) i initiated the slider again but it only operates on half of the slide and flight assistant wont recognise the the slider and move to the next screen to continue with the setup.

    Can i just bypass the slider and set Gain before flight for each surface instead of doing it during the flight? i know how to do this but wondered if it stores the set gain without using the test fly assistant, i would prefer to do it manually anyway if i'm honest.


  • Hello,

    with the Assistant setup the gain slider is inactive once you left the assistant.

    If you want to adjust everything manually you can do it in the Gyro menu. Another option is to assign a gain slider to single axis in the input mapping to set the gain for a single axis in flight.

  • Thank you for your reply, i think ill delete the slider and set everything in the Gyro menu then just add to it if i need to. Just wondered really if i had to go through the assistant but it seems not.

    I have assigned the slider but its weird it only starts to add gain from half way up the scale, i have tried it on full throw and less but doesn't then work at all. It is not recognised when i try to use the assistant so the assistant doesn't move on in the setup screen. This will be a simple fix somewhere but i would prefer to just add 25% on all surfaces to start and go from there.

    Thank you.