Rx status

  • I am using a Mercury with 2 Futaba R6208SB receivers in my jet. Several times when I turn the Mercury on, Rx1 and Rx2 status change constantly and rapidly between "OK" and "FS". It changes so fast that you can't recognize the words - just see it change status. Receiver's leds are constantly green.

    Anyway, it seems that all servos react just fine.

    I leave the transmitter on and turn the mercury off and on once or twice and both Rx status are OK.

    What cause this problem? Is it a real FS situation?

    Is it safe for use?



  • Hello,

    just look in the Flightrecoreder. You will find this flickering doesn´t count any lost frames. It comes from slightly different outputs of the two receivers which is causing switching back and fouth (without any data loss)