Futaba Dual Receiver setup 7014 recievers

  • Is it possible to use 2 Futaba 7014 receivers connected to a Powerbox Comp SRS?

    I've tried and doesn't seem to work

    Got both my 7014's dual linked to the Futaba transmitter

    Got one reciever in RX1 the other on RX2 on the powerbox, and have green lights on receivers. Signal cable is connected from powerbox to SBUS ports on the 7014.

    RX1 works fine, servos move, but if I disconnect RX1, RX2(the other 7014) doesn't pick up and start working, even though it's linked to the transmitter.

    I've checked and both receivers work on RX1.

    I tried a receiver on RX3 and no movement of servos

    Is there something I'm missing? Or do I need different receivers?