IGyro 3xtra

  • Hi Richard,

    I've installed a new iGyro 3xtra in one of my planes. I've always used a BlueCom adapter for installing my previous iGyro 3e with no problems at all. However with the iGyro 3extra it doesn't work. Apparently the device doesn't get connected to the BlueCom adapter. At least it is what it says on the screen. So I also don't get a screen for modifying the gain of the individual channels. Are there issues with the connection of the iGyro 3extra with the BlueCom adapter? Also very strange is the fact that I don't see the iGyro 3extra on my mobile phone app. Only the iGyro 3e and the iGyro 1e are mentioned.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Rudolf, Richard,

    I'am using an iPhone. I downloaded the latest version from the App Store but I simply can't get the iGyro 3xtra connected with my iPhone through the BlueCom adapter. With my previous iGyro 3e it's not a problem at all. With the 3extra I am trying to modify the individual gain of the axes using my sticks but that is rather cumbersome.

    From your screenshot I understand that in the app you apparently can select the iGyro 3xtra.......


  • Yes I know - there had been unexpected issues with the iPhone app. We started with a new compiler which showed it´s problems in the last steps of completion of the app. So we had to rework everything again.

    Rudolf told me to launch the new app this week!

  • I'm so sad about the delay, but as mentioned Richard, I faced really absolutely unexpected problems with porting a new Android App to iOS. Our target is to have absolutely the same Apps for both platforms.

    Please all accept my apologies.

    Many thanks for the understanding


  • 1.32 is available in the Apple Store.

    As I mentioned, it was only the 'intermediate' release of iGyro 3xtra functionality. A full new App with the new design will be available soon. We are waiting for Apple approval of our new SDK, and it should be done at the end of the next week. But, I would like to announce in advance, that it can be delayed for couple of days, Apple reviewers often requesting additional information, and this can take some time.

    Thanks all for the patience



  • Hi Rudolf

    Thanks for your effort.

    I just downloaded the Version from App-Store and would inform you, in the left bottom corner is Version 1.19 written !?

    But 3extra can be choosen.

    On the other Hand i would recommend to group all Gyros. At the moment you have scroll down the whole List to find all of them.

    Regards Rainer

  • Hi Rainer,

    yes, new designed iGyro 3xtra was 'placed' into old App, therefore it is not well comfortable, but the new iOS app looks absolutely as Android app, with grouped menus, categories etc. Also in this 1.32 'intermediate' released version, you can't use a lot of features because the iGyro 3xtra module inherits steering from the old app, therefore the full version you will able to use after releasing of the new version of iOS app.

    But, all whose need to maintain and setup iGyro 3xtra are able to do it.

    I will inform all when the new version will be available, I hope, that Apple will approve our new platform this week.

    Have a great day



    P.S.: Yes, you're right regarding the old version in left bottom corner. It is hardcoded :-) Sorry, I didn't notice that :-(

  • I am new in the gyro’s ( after flying for +30 years without) I am going to give it a try.

    Just bought 2ea Igyro 3xtra after some reading I was able to connect my IOS device to the bluecom

    I saw this is a temporary solution, just to inform that on my IPhone SE (ios13.1.2) I am unable to select all options ( because they are of screen) as you can see in the attached pictures. Maybe this can also be corrected in the new app- version ( on my IPad , I have the full screen )

    Hopefully it will be flyable weather this weekend to try the Igyro

  • yes, indeed, I checked SE and the right side is out of bounds, it is my fault, I not tested on SE device, started with 6s. But in new App is an automatic resizing - auto layer.

    Because still waiting for Apple review, tonight I will release the hotfix for SE devices. On Thursday you will be able to use it.

    Please accept my apologies



  • dear ,

    After some playing on the table in my first test model ( TC. Piper cub), I run in to some questions:

    Note. I started after watching some igyro setup videos ,

    Question 1) does this 3xtra gyro have a separate flight situation switch input or is everything done through the gain input.

    Question 2) I set the gain input of the igyro on a slider with a clear center “Null” position. But when looking on the IPad , I am unable to set the gain to the maximum not in the green and not in the red part , even with the travel set to 150% in the transmitter see picture

    is there something I am doing wrong??

  • An updated version of iOS App was released, I'm expecting that during evening, in worst case tomorrow morning will be available.

    This version fixes the issue with small iPhones, such a SE or 4s.

    I would like to announce, that this release is not the new iOS App release, only the intermediate version for users, to be able working with the new iGyro 3xtra. This version does not have the features of new designed iOS App, all functionalities are inheriting from the old App, therefore on some big devices, the resizing will be not accurate.

    We are all waiting for Apple review of the new App SDK, and immediately when they completed the review, we will release the final 3.00 iOS App.

    Thanks a lot for understanding

    Have a great day