Powerbox Professional Telemetry Info Question

  • Hi, have a question in regards to the telemetry functions of the Professional box. I am following the instructions in the manual that tells you to connect a cable on the telemetry output on the LH side of the box, then I connect that cable into the telemetry input of a Graupner HOTT receiver. When I go to the radio, I see that it detects an electrical sensor, but I am not able to see any of the parameter called in the book.

    So my doubt is, on page 23 of the manual, it says that telemetry info is available at that port for the three models, but on page 3, there are two bullets that mention that battery voltages and capacities are not available on the Professional. So that is the reason I do not see nothing in the radio besides detecting a sensor? Or I will be able to see something?

    Appreciate your assistance on this.