Need for three yaw gyro support

  • I am building a SAB Avio Drake and their recommendations are:

    1 Always use vector thrust when flying

    2 Toe in the two rudders to act as air brakes to slow for landing

    If I use rudder a and rudder b outputs for the two rudders I can add the toe in offsets in my radio but I cannot have gyro on the yaw vertical thrust with independent throws Without a rudder c output supported.

    If I use the vector thrust aircraft type I only get vector thrust gyro action in flight mode three. If possible I would like a rudder d output as well to have gyro on the steering as well. Any ideas how I can configure the SRS to get what I need?

  • If I use direct for the two rudders I can mix for the toe in but I don’t have gyro on the rudders. If I use rudder a on both rudders I can’t mix the toe in as the direction is reversed for each rudder and there is only one output (rudder a).

    Am I missing how to use rudder a on two servos and still mix in changes independently to each servo?

  • here's a suggestion:

    1) use rudder a for your vector

    2) use rudder b in only one rudder (with the vector and one rudder with giro, it should be more than enough. Adjust the gain accordingly)

    3) use direct for the other rudder, no need for giro here

    4) in your radio program the toe in

    5) you could use rudder b for your nose wheel also (check the direction)

    Let me know if it worked



  • Can i get some help or info on this to i'm trying to sort out a sab havok with a core & mercury & to get the gyro setup working to. is it meant to be on delta vt to do this

    it has i'm loosing the will to live. it was so easy to set u on the core love that radio well done.

    4 aileron servos

    2 canard servos

    2 rudder servos

    2 thrust vectoring

    1 nose wheel




    lights ive put on a y lead to the gear

    Cheers stuart

  • Hello,

    I recommend to use a normal Delta plane - without the +VT option. Make the gyro mixing flightmode dependent in the radio.

    I think you must work a little with this setup - nobody can write you step by step what you have to do!