Pb cockpit srs. Issue

  • Hi. New here but had quite a few powerboxes now.

    I have an issue with a new cockpit srs.

    Everything works as it should but when I use the rudder the screen goes corrupted. I thought I maybe drawing too much current so I removed all the servos and it still does it.

    I have now updated to the new update and no improvement.

    Any help much appreciated as at the moment I don't 100% trust to fly with it in my turbo prop tucano.



  • Hello,

    this is because you assigned the rudder channel to the sequencer as well. What you see is the sequencer running very quickly because it´s not set up.

    Go into the input mapping and remove the door sequencer assignment

  • Hi Richard.

    Thanks for getting back.

    Do you mean I my tx setup or in the pb.

    I have done a full factory reset and just have my 2 Sat's plugged in on udi 18ms and it still does it with nothing plugged in. I will reset my tx and try again.


  • I have now created a new model memory and just bound the tx to the jeti Sat's. It now does it on the aileron input control.

    I have tried all 3 jeti ppm, udi and ex and now all the same on the aileron input channel.