• Richard,

    Gradually the questions are getting less and my models are working well with Core, However I have a Viperjet with a Royal which has been updated last week. Everything is fine except I cannot switch the gyro off in position 1 of the three position switch.

    I do not use the set up assistant I program manually by choosing a % for the plane and enter it direct into the menu, gyro settings.

    Idea scenario: position 1 NO gyro .. position 2 30% gyro.. position 3 35% gyro ALL NORMAL RATE GYRO I NEVER USE HEADING HOLD /ASSIST

    This is why I do it so I never get involved in Heading hold.

    Position 2/3 work fine but position one still shows gyro ( I set it to 100% to prove it to myself ) This has never happened before on all three Royal units

    Does the new update make it obligatory to use the set up assistant in order for the Royal to recognise switch positions ?

    If this is the case I dont personally like it but this may not be the case.

  • Richard,

    I might be misunderstanding the situation here.

    Simple question is : when the flight mode switch is in the 0 position should the screen show “gyro idle” not active.
    Does it literally deactivate the gyro completely or just replicate maybe a zero gyro setting?

    Hope this makes sense