Can I change iOS to Android?

  • Hello!

    Excuse me for asking this question. I guess it has been raised before but I can´t find it. I have a BlueCom adapter for iOS but now I would like to use it on an Android device instead. Is it possible to change it to Android or do I have to buy I new one?

    Jannica Wunge

  • But it specifically asks for location and phone and contacts. Not all apps do this. I understand the need for storage and BT.

    However it's not starting properly even with all the odd permissions granted. I've removed and reinstalled. I just have the rotating ring.

  • During showing the 'rotating ring' App is showing also BT devices near the phone. Is it showing also BlueCom, please?

    Generally: If you have a problem with the connection, always give us info, what device you're using (Android device), and details what is shown on the screen. I will try to reproduce this case and will advise how to resolve it. In case, if you found some error, I will add the solution into App and release a hotfix. Bun often it is only configuration issue. Many thanks!

    Regarding the permissions, Google is collecting a lot of statistics, from which country you are using the App, etc etc. It is mainly if the vendor not agree to use App in some countries, but our App is available over the world, nevertheless the permissions are required. Permissions for the local storage are used for storing firmware files, and phone setting permissions are used for internet connections and BT (BLE) setup. In the next version, the permissions will be a mandatory operation, and without acknowledging all requested permissions the App stops working with an appropriate message to user.

  • Hello ,

    I've done some more tests.

    Set up: Google pixel 2 XL Android 10, Bluecomm iOS, Powerbox Royal. Royal updated to v20 using BlueCom and current iOS App (using someone else's phone...)


    Power up Royal with Bluecom connected - set Royal to PC control

    Successful pairing phone and Bluecom

    Connect Bluecom to phone - successful, phone reports connected on BT set up screen

    Start up Powerbox App

    App reports cannot find Powerbox device - pressing OK terminates

    Restart app - loads main screen and hangs permanently

    Hope this helps - I have screen shots if it will help.



  • Sorry, I cannot get my iOS adapter to connect to the latest version of Powerbox Terminal program downloaded from PlayStore. I am using a Samsung tablet A with Android 9. The circle keeps rotating and after a while it says that it has indeed found the bluecom adapter but after a few seconds more this text disappears and it now says that it cannot find any adapter. Then terminal program terminates.

    I´m able to update my device via the computer instead but it would have been nice if I could use the bluecom adapter as well.


  • Well, I tried the Samsung tablet Galaxy S6. Initially, the device paired, then app started again after checking Bluetooth devices paired in the system and connected to the iOS adapter. The connection is much faster than Android BlueCom. Then I unpaired the iOS device, paired again Android device and connected. The circle is rotating only if both devices are paired and not unbounded. Then App is not informing the user about this conflict. But in the new version, it will be handled. The new version will be released on Monday morning.




  • Hello Jannica and all,

    I found the issue, on some Android devices is the predefined energy consummating level for Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE). In the app, I programmed the middle way as default, and the lowest level can't reach in that case, and Android is rejecting the connection. It is my bad, I will include this fix in the next release.

    Many thanks for your input!



  • Thank you Rudolf! I must tell you how much I appreciate your willingness help us in small matters like this. I don´t know if you are part of the Powerbox stab or just helping out here anyway. But it is when I encounter service like this that I really start to thrust a company like Powerbox.

    Kind regards