GPS ii not detected by mercury, or blue com or pc. 2 units doing same thing, preset for futaba.

  • I am having a problem with my GPS ii units. I purcahsed these from my vendor, they were preset for futaba.

    I can no get these units to be detected by the mercury, I can not get these units to be detected by my blue com adapter, and finally even on a PC they will not get detected.

    I'm not sure if its because they were preset for futaba. If the need to be set to something else, how does one change it?

    I don't think something is wrong because I have 2 of these units and they are doing the same thing.

    ALSO I noticed the sticker on these is a darker blue and the serial sticker is silver. MY older GPS II units had a light blue sticker and a white serial no. sticker.

    Please provide me with instructions on how I can get it to work with my mercury srs. right now I am getting no device found error.

  • Hello,

    if it is preset to Futaba, it takes 60 seconds to activate the PC Control.


    • Connect the USB to your computer
    • Start the Terminal
    • Select GPS II on the Top
    • Connect the GPS to the USB cable (power if necessary also)
    • Wait until the GPS is fast blinking (60 seconds)
    • Press next on the computer