• Hi Richard and Happy New Year from Dubai for you and all the Powerbox family,

    Please watch this video, something very strange is happening and the battery counter resets on its own automatically. I have seen it in all the flights I have done lately with my F-104 and also captured in the telemetry readings on my radio.

    Is this something I have to worry about? Can I fix it somehow? This happened ever since I've upgraded the Powerbox to the latest firmware V20.09. Is this a firmware glitch? Can you please look into it?

    Thanks, Tassos

  • Hmm... this feature checks the used capacity and the actual voltage. Seems your batteries are still at a very high voltage level even there is some capacity already drawn.

    I guess it does this only one time? Once the battery voltage is below 8.2V it doesn´t do that anymore. What batteries is it?

  • Thanks,

    It's 2 x Powerpak 5.0x2 PRO. Here I'm plotting the telemetry values from my flight during the weekend including the voltage. Your batteries are amazing, they've very little voltage drop. This was my 2nd flight after fully charged batteries. I'm running on this airplane 7 x Futaba HPSA700 servos. Very low consumption, if you notice there's a little voltage drop around the 4.30' minute, this is when the flaps are deployed for landing. But other than that, the Powerpak batteries and the Royal are doing a great job. I'm very happy.

    My question is why the Powerbox reset to full 5,000mAh capacity happens exactly when the battery discharges to ~4,872mAh every time. It happened during the flights and it happened here at home when I recorded the video I've sent you. This remains a mystery, hence maybe something needs to be fixed on the firmware V20.09?