Core update issues

  • Richard,

    So i was one of the ones that received the partial update from the terminal, and of course things did not work correctly. The Model that was active during this update process was lost completely as far as i can tell, anyways i followed what you had said about repairing SD card and going back to v 1.5. It did take the App version back to 1.5 and Transceiver stayed 1.10 and things didn't work very well at all i couldn't switch models or much of anything really, I had another usb stick with v 1.6 from the dropbox link you posted so i updated to that. So now app version 1.6 and transceiver 1.10 and things (seemed) to work better, but when you turn on radio it will say File not Found or Corrupted and if i do switch to another model all data is gone, (no functions,flight modes) etc.

    If you created a new model and turn radio off after creation it will not save any functions etc, if you created the model then change to another model before switching off it will save it. But then when turning the radio back on the model maybe gone again. I'm posting this because Adam said post it here so you could gather info on things that are going on with my radio. So sadly i have a radio right now that is useless and i wouldn't trust it to fly a foamie, i hope you feel there is a way to clear up the issues because at the moment i fear it is so messed up it maybe need to start from the beginning.


  • I think that Powerbox want to release it as soon as they can. But as save as possible and 100% sure that no issues like last week will happen again. As long as the software is not online yet I prefer not to push and let PB do there tests in such a way that we modelers can rely on their work. That is my personal opinion.

  • Hallo,

    das Update an sich ist nicht das Problem, sondern wie es auf den Sender kommt. Da die V1.5 leider nicht anzeigt was sie nach Drücken des Update Buttons macht und das kopieren der ganzen Sprachdateien ca. 50 Sekunden dauert, wird jeder wie wild weiter mehrmals auf die Update Taste drücken. Das verursacht aber möglicherweise fehlende Dateien. Die Hinweise das beim Updaten nicht zu tun kann ich wahrscheinlich nicht so groß und rot schreiben, dass es nicht doch einer macht. Das war übrigens auch mit ein Grund für ein paar verkorkste 1.60 Updates. Das war vorher nie ein Problem weil die Dateigrößen bei den vorherigen Updates sehr klein waren und in ein paar Sekunden überspielt waren.

    Problem ist erkannt, wir sind gerade dabei eine Methode zu Programmieren wo das Update und die Sprachdateien getrennt auf den Sender kommen. Hat den Vorteil dass man dann nicht nur 2 Stimmen hat wie ursprünglich geplant, sondern alles was Acapella anbietet!!

    Die Verzögerung ist bedauerlich, damit sind diese Updateprobleme aber ein für alle Mal aus der Welt.

  • Hi John,

    Richard said the new Version 1.61 will be released yesterday. Harald just asked for the new release date.

    Richard states Update is already available this is not a big deal. The issue is the deploy process. Therefor e Powerbox will optimize the deploying process. Regarding Richard they will separate the major update and voice files during the update process.
    The advantage you can use now acapella completely with out restrictions.

    Powerbox are trully sorry but Powerbox wants to optimize the installation process finally.

    So we have to wait :-)



  • Hier is a automatically translated version Text from Richard Deutsch



    the update itself is not the problem, but how it gets on the transmitter. Since the V1.5 unfortunately does not show what it does after pressing the update button and copying the entire language files takes about 50 seconds, everyone will continue to press the update button several times. However, this may cause missing files. The hints not to do this when updating I can probably not write so big and red that it does not nevertheless one does. By the way, this was also with a reason for a few messed up 1.60 updates. This was never a problem before because the file sizes were very small in the previous updates and were overplayed in a few seconds.

    Problem is detected, we are currently in the process of programming where the update and the voice files come to the station separately. Has the advantage that you not only have 2 votes as originally planned, but everything Acapella offers!!

    The delay is unfortunate, but this makes these update issues out of the world once and for all.


    I hope this translation is hopefully?

  • I tried your suggestion Edgar, chrome still won't translate some posts on this thread, however thank's to Richard and the core community like Ottmar juju and yourself there seems there is nothing we can't get round.

    Have a good weekend all.