Baselog & FX32

  • I'm trying to help out another modeller with his installation using the last version of the Baselog V16 with a Futaba FX32, also with latest V1.7 software.

    The Baselog is set to Futaba S-Bus for telemetry, but nothing is appearing anywhere in the FX32 ?

    In the Telemetry menu, there does not appear to be a Powerbox tab to be accessed ?

    Any ideas or suggestions.



  • Hi Richard,

    Finally go the chance to try this out again.

    Deleted the sensor list - all now show as INHIBIT

    Read sensors (register) without anything connected - it now say's "The Connected Sensor Is Not Ready"

    If I now look at the sensor selection, Powerbox is still not appearing at slot 16 or anywhere else ?

    I remember when the updates for the 18MZ came out, the Powerbox and JetCat tabs were both included in the same update, but neither of them are showing anywhere.

    FX32 software is V1.70 Europe - which as far as I can see, is the latest version, unless you know of another more up to date version ?

    I personally don't use this particular radio, so I am not getting very far at the moment.



  • V1.7 vom 2016.02

    Ist das letzte Update für die FX32. Die Telemetrie der FX32 kennt weniger Sensoren als die 14SG, die billiger ist. Wegen der Update Politik und der Telemetrie der FX32 habe ich nach 30Jahre Futaba zur Cor gewechselt, und bis heute nicht bereut. Baselog Telemetrie funktioniert auch bei meiner FX32 nicht.