Competition srs update problem

  • OK, I had the same issue updating from V27 to V28 and the LCD screen blanked out, now I have no idea where the menu is at on the unit?!?!?!

    Yes I tried the restore function of the PB terminal, that didn't work either. I've tried to update two of my Competition SRS units to V28 and now both units have blanked out LCDs!!!!!!!!! So now two airplanes are down due to an update issue that should otherwise be a routine update, as those units are on the way to FL for recovery! Is there a reason why this keeps happening? Very frustrating to say the least that every time you folks publish an update, I try to install the update, the LCD screens go blank and unable to recover, then send units to your folks in FL.


  • so that's your answer to our problem with failed updates? "Works fine here...." You might as well have shrugged your shoulders and said "oh well" Is that how it's gonna be with support from your end with any other issue that arises? Failed updates with the LCD screen going blank and the update "hanging" up on the PB Terminal program is very frustrating to say the least. I'm searching for an answer as to why this keeps happening. Is it cause the units themselves are old? Is it cause the PB Terminal program is old? Is it cause my computer is old? I've seen a few threads posted here now with the same issues with updates, and there seems to be no definitive answer. BTW, you still haven't answered my post on Cockpit SRS/Competition SRS thread about this failed update problem. Throw us a bone here PB team!