GYA & GYB mapping

  • Hello Richard

    I have an issue which has really got me ... I have a PowerBox Royal SRS installed into a EMHW 50% challenger, 8 aileron servos, 4 elevator servos and 3 rudder servos. Everything has been mapped and matched and bound to a JR 28X. Now i have gone over the PB instructions several times and viewed a youtube tutorial to no avail !The issue i have to utilise the gyro function is all servos on the left side of the plane are mapped GYB and servos to the right are mapped GYA ( rudder servos inclusive) Only the LH surfaces move GYB ! I believe i'm missing a critical step here i just can't see ! If i map all servos GYB all surfaces operate correctly but with no gyro capability. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  • Hello,

    you have to go into the Output mapping.

    Here you have:

    Gy-Aile-A: All right ailreon servos

    Gy-Aile-B: All left ailreon servos

    Gy-Elev-A: All right elevator servos

    Gy-Elev-A: All left elevator servos

    Gy-Rudder-A: All rudder servos