Bluecom do not request pairing

  • Hallo, Rechard

    I purchased android bluecomm recently.

    Powerbox terminal program : v3.2

    Samsung S7 android v8.0

    Mercury SRS

    Bluecomm pluged in front teleport, pc-connect activated on the Mercury

    all 3 permits (storage- 2GB remains, phone, etc) are on the App -- all recommendation I did.

    By the way, when I open terminal program, it tried to find bluecomm and seems be found

    But PBX_Bluecomm is not activated ( not highlighted) even shows as registered device on my phone

    As manual, pairing request screen would open and should put the password in, but no such screen showed up, I could not respond it.

    No more progress to upgrade.

    I purchased mercury SRS 3 years ago, guess version v2.0 or something.

    I read all threads on the forum and did everything they recommend, it did not help me.

    JR, S Korea

  • Hello Laser :-)

    please let me know if the blue Bluetooth icon is shown in the PowerBox Systems layout. It means, you started the App, App is trying to find the BlueCom, if App found the BlueCom adapter then it is showing the menu with categories. You can also swipe the initial shadowed screen to be able to choose the appropriate category.

    In case, when BlueCom is connected and recognized, then in the right bottom corner is a blue icon, not red!

    If you have an issue with pairing, then please delete BlueCom adapter from the list of Bluetooth devices, and pair it manually again, no password is required, only you have to accept pairing.

    In any case of issues please paste here screenshot/photo image of the current situation.

    I will help you with the solution



    here images after pairing:

    Pairing: please respond with YES, ignore the number. Nothing else is needed.

    1. Starting app and choosing PowerBox systems category, Bluetooth icon on the bottom right MUST be blue:

    2. Choosing Mercury, App shown update available

    3. Responding yes

    after that you can start the update

  • Hallo Rudi,

    Thanks for your kind help.

    After choosing mercury in category, bluebooth icon is red on first screenshot as you showed me, did not goes to further step.

    I did not try to delete bluecom adapter on the list.

    You mean that no pairing requestneeds and it is automatically done?

    Device is now in the my office, so I try it tomorrow and let you know how is going on

  • if the icon is red, then app can't see bluecom adapter, it means, that the pairing was not successful. You should manually delete bluecom from the Bluetooth devices in your phone, and then power up bluecom, and pair manually, or start the app and pairing should be automatically done.

    let me know tomorrow



  • ok, then please follow instructions below:

    1. Please switch off Mercury and exit the App, if you didn't already :-)

    2. Start Mercury, switch to PC-CONTROL mode again

    3. Start App, wait for blue icon and choose PowerBox category

    4. Assure that the icon is blue and click to Mercury

    if OLED display not changed the status, it means, that is not connected with Mercury. Please check BlueCom adapter connection, signal wire should be UP, if it is not, then connect the adapter in correct way.

    Stop all, and start from the point 1

    If BlueCom adapter is connected correctly, then it is not working properly. Will be great, if you will make photo of connections and phone screen in one picture.

    But I hope, that the BlueCom was connected not correctly.

    let me know, I'm waiting and here to resolve this issue


  • honestly no clue. I need to know if BlueCom is working properly. Sometimes in the past you already used this BlueCom?

    Did you some setup with the App and BlueCom with other devices as you mentioned above?

    To resolve this issue I need to know if BlueCom works.

    I want to help you!