power box terminal can't connect to FTP update

  • hello,

    i have just buy cockpit srs and i just want check if online update working but
    when i did it 3 windows appear with that .

    1/ Fehler bei FTP listnames
    2/ Fehler bei FTP listnames_2
    3/ Error while reading file from server

    i'm connect to internet and my power box are detect by terminal i save my settings without problem.
    i allow everithing in windows firewall .

    do you have any idea i can check for fix that ? :?:

    thank you very much ;)

  • Hello mawerick2,

    seems something is blocking the terminals attempt to download the needed file.

    If you have downloaded the latest Terminal, you will get the latest updates along with your download.
    Just click on "Select-File" and select the right update-file manually from the "update"-directory.