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    I sent last week a mail to chiefaircraft asking for their help , some days ago I asked them for any news and they told me that they are waiting for a answer from you , could you please help me.

    Hello Richard

    I removed the switch after turn the unit on and the problem continue.

    No pins bent at switch or display in the power box.

    I tried to turn the unit on with a mag sensor and the problem continue.

    What else can I do?


    I bought a new brand Champion SRS, I tried to turn it on and the display only flash, I could turn off and tried again and the same happened, the display only flash. I tried go to menu option and does not work. I changed the display and switch with other I already have and the result was the same. Looks like the PB main unit is not working. What can I do? I bought the PB from Chiefaircraft at this moment the PB is in Mexico. Regards

    Vicente Espino

    Hello Richard

    It's a Little bit hard to remove the cockpit, so I'm planning to install permanently the batteries, that's the reason about my concern about to safely charge the battery inside the Hawk. I think LiIon is more secure thant Lipo

    what do yoy think?


    I'm building a large Bae Hawk 3.65, I'm planning to use two PowerPak 5.0X2 PRO (5000 mAh) with my Champion SRS, 8 HV servos, 3 air Valves.

    I wonder if the batteries will be enough ?

    Will be it safe to charge them installed in the jet?


    Royal RSR is a amazing product, but Mercury Test Fly assistant is very easy to use and safe, even in a new brand jet.

    The Mercury Test Fly assistant integrated into the Royal RSR software might be a very useful improvement.

    I wish Power Box engineers could considering it.


    I think the iGyro and GPS Sensor is not working, could I make a test, manually set up the gain in all axles to 0 (cero) and check that the iGyro compensate the gain with the information received from GPS Sensor?

    I changed my radio TX 14MZ to 18MZ, I copy and paste all my models and all has worked very well, except my 170cc Extra 300 with Power Box Royal SRS and GPS Sensor. Before the change the iGyro was working very well, but with the change the model began to oscilate with iGyro switching-on, I always check that GPS Sensor status is OK before take off. I had to turn off the iGyro. I suppose that the iGyro with GPS Sensor connected it has to compensate the gain as the manual describes, but this does not work well. what could have happened? PW software is updated.

    I am planning to install the Powerbus system with PB Royal in my new Extra 300 125" and I am a little concerned about the current (peak amperage) in the Powerbus- PWM installed at the tail of the airplane, I plan connect 2 servos Hitec 7950TH and 2 Servos Hitec 7954SH all at 7.4v and a PB cable 120 cm of lenght (PB leads 9126/120) to connect to the PB Royal. What do you think? It is Safe?


    Why I need to run the TESTFLY ASSISTANT if I have connected the GPS sensor to the Royal SRS and it supplies the model's sepeed to the Gyro and the Gyro adjust it's gain automatically ?

    I think the configuration of the iGyro-Gps II and the Royal SRS should be as follow

    2.- GYRO ZERO to reset the end-points of the control surface
    3.- take off the plane with Gyro off FM1
    4.- adjust the plane to fly level
    5.- turn on the Gyro FM2 and enjoy the flight

    I think it is not necessary the TESTFLY ASSISTANT.

    Is this correct?


    I have connected a Magsensor and turn on the Royal SRS and I need to modify the settings, Can I disconnect the Magsensor and connect the SensorSwitch without turning off the Power Box?