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    Hello. I am setting up a Jet with a PB Mercury and PB Jet Smoke pump.

    I have used all the spots in the Mercury leaving no spot for the Power line for the smoke pump.

    For the smoke pump is the slot on the pump for the signal taking any power or is it just the signal wire.

    Can I splice the positive and negative on this line to power the pump?

    Hi yes I set the Futaba telemetry option in the pb.

    The sensor registered fine. It registered as power box.

    I chose the 18mz option in the teleconverter

    It is also odd that it is filling the gps data fields. There is no gps option on the pb.

    Hi. I am using this with the 18mz and a cockpit srs (v25).

    The radio is updated and the teleconverter.

    No matter what i do i get bad data. Ie 120 volts readings 15000mah. Ect

    I have reloaded the sensors and tried 2 teleconverters. The one was working fine on my champion.

    This is an older cockpit it does not have telemetry market on the top.

    Any suggestions.


    I have to send some things into you. Is it worth getting the newer software on these. Is it easier to program with Futaba? What sticker has the newer software. Thanks

    I currently have one of my Powerboxes on a larger plane set up with the Igyro. It works great.

    I bought a Larger Bipe and have a Champion and the powerbus set up. Is it possible to use the Igyro with Powerbus? The bipe has 8 wing servos. Thanks

    Is it possible that the Champion itself is causing the issue?

    I agree it would make more sense it being a cable or the box at the end of the cable but the problem is random.

    If it cannot be the Champion itself I will just replace the cables but if you have seen this issue with other Champions then I would like to send it in.


    The Ailerons are not bus they are straight into the power box with standard servo connections. The Elevator and Rudder are bus'd with your box and cable.

    This is why I can see there is a bus issue here and need to figure out what is happening.

    1) Everything on the bus was frozen but had power. Power cycle fixed it.

    2) Then 2 days later the elevators are looking almost stripped and then the next day were fine are busd.

    3) The Ailerons with standard servos and throttle have had nothing happen to them at all.

    I don't like how this looks intermittent especially after being rock solid for 1 year.

    Please advise. Thanks

    I have been using the Powerbox Champion in my 40 Percent plane for 1 year now. Here is the set up.

    -Rudder 2 servos, Elevator 2 Servos Powerbused.

    -6 Aileron Servos standard set up into the Powerbox.

    All has been good up until last week. When I went to taxi out of the starting stands I had no rudder. I also had no Elevator but the Ailerons worked. I shut the motor down and re powered the plane. Everything worked fine on the power up.

    Yesterday my Elevators seemed almost stripped. Notchity. I did not fly (I will get into this later) but today they are fine.

    Something is going on. Any ideas. I checked all connections and it is fine. There has been multiple flights on this set up and this Powerbox with the hole system powerbussed in another plane before this one.


    Hi Richard. I have a few of the Igyros 3e and the Igyros that I am putting the GPS on. Does it matter if I get the SBUS or regular version. I run Futaba so down the road who knows.

    Hi I set the GPS to that and I see all data except for the GPS info. Voltage, MAH ect works fine but anything related to the GPS readings is 0?

    Hi I reset the data and got the telemetry to work but I am getting no GPS readings with my PB Champion/GPS/Teleconverter.

    Do I need to register the GPS with my 18MZ?


    Here is the problem I keep having. If I turn the end points down below a certain point the pump will not run or it will automatically start.

    Can you tell me the diff between the new and old software. Can I update the software with one of my powerbox cables. I have 2 pumps that have the yellow sticker.

    OK Thanks. Just want to be clear.

    Do you still need a background mix (IE PUMP to PUMP mix) of -100 - +100 for the pump to initialise and activate. Or can you just have one mix of -100 to -50 for 25% power.

    For some reason when I first messed around it would only initialise with a -100 to +100.

    I will look. Is that the side with the plugs? Is V4 the one I am wanting. I also have another one in the box.

    "Richard Deutsch" wrote:


    is there a "V4" sign on the back side?