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    I planning to use a base log in my new Rookie 2
    I will use all the 11 channel on the RX .How I plug the base LOG ?
    This receiver has two connections for LIFE battery with Dean Connector .Can I change the patch wire and use Deans female connector? I will set the voltage on the Base log to 5.9V per battery

    BTW: I have the 14 DRS ch X bus convertor . I plug the Xbus cables signal from the rx to the convector and exit the Xbus signal to the I Gyro SRS . I will try tonight.

    Ok Im installing for the first time a SRS in a MB339b' Turbine Jet
    My system is DMSS JR ( My Igyro is JR DMSS compatible)
    I have two/RG712 BX RX (XBUS)
    + 1 X port duo B1 14 DRS (XBUS)
    Im not sure how to do the connections .
    Can you send me a small schema here or explain the way to connect all this cables!?
    Jet is :two elevators , two ailerons one rudder control.
    Thank you in advance

    For now I fixed with a Y connector on ailerons .Will be OK until I will use two receiver. :P
    Will test the 339b tomorrow with the Igyro , when of the best piece of equipment for me!!

    Im not sure but I think I need a power box expender to resolve my problem.
    I m installing a Igyro 3E in an Aermacchi Turbine Jet . RX is a JR DMSS 11 Ch all the Channels are occupied and its no slot for the gain , how I can resolve this problem a match box for any surface using two servos: EX Flap/Ail/EL ? I will not use a Y cable .
    What do you recommend ?
    I have 2 S Bus RX available , but i like this 11 Ch because its a Dual battery feed.
    Thank you in advance

    For the first time I try a IGyro 3 in my Corsair( before installing in my BVM Electra)
    whoua what a fantastic tool I look so good today landing in cross wind! The only problem I have to buy more ...
    Thank you Power Box

    You right, thank you. I play last night and its working fine. Its the gyro effect you have to reverse not the servo!
    On the Gyro menu in the radio( JR XG 14) for mode 1/2/3 what is the minimal value ?

    I install the Gyro 3in a Corsair with a 6 Channels JR DMSS receiver. gain in on a slider on AUX1/3 positions GYRO: flap switch .
    Ailerons on a Y cable. Everything work well but when the green light tur on for reversing : I press on the button turn red i press again but no reverse happen!?, same for Elevator . Im not sure why?
    Please help.
    Thank you

    finally the setup is fine and the Igyro is working in good direction. Was my erreur with placement setup . Sorry for the inconvenient . The positive I know the support is N# ONE thank you and I learn a lot and I'm much more confident for the first flight few month ...Her only snow shoes today!
    I will fly this Mirage first and the Gyro will migrate to the turbine Mirage after.
    Merci encore Richard. :D

    Yes : aileron Ch 2 / Elevator ch 3 / 4 ch rudder
    7 for FM aux 3 gain
    I will try something else and let you know . Maybe the direction is wrong

    Do not work, I reverse both channel and still when I lift one wing the aileron go down not up.( one wing is correct left , right wing wrong) Whit reversing : the elevator look ok : when I lift the nose both surface go down

    thank you ,
    next question:
    Now I can't make the gyro work properly with direction.
    When I lift the right wing the aileron move up.
    But when I move the left wing the aileron move down?
    Elevator : when I move the nose up the elevator move up ! when I reverse El. Only one side move down...?!
    What I do wrong: the radio wing type : I can choose Normal or Elevon . With both setup( elevon or normal) I have the same problem.
    thank you in advance

    I install my Igyro in a small EDF 90 mm Mirage . Was very simple to setup with DMSS JR Xbus receiver ...
    The Gyro is installed vertically (RUDDER Axel) on the left side of the fuse. Screen is up , sensor switch facing nose : I choose :screen UP/DOWN /Switch: BACK /FRONT This exact?
    Thank you.