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    Dear Richard,

    I am using Mercury in 35% Extra powered with DA120. I have few questions

    1. Will the update erase servo maching ?

    2. For self hower, all I need to do is put the airplane vertically and trigger gyro switch to Assist all correct ? Or any other programming to be done ?

    3. Also I would like to add aileron differential, how can I do that ?

    Thank you,



    hi Richard,

    I have connected another GPS II from another model which is set on M-Link to this model. The GPS II module blinked for about 4 mins before catching signal and went solid.

    However, when I connected the new GPS II module back to iGyro 3e and set the link to M-Link, this one still does not catch signal and keeps on blinking at slow speed for ever (I left it for 30mins).

    I have also set it to iGyro on the interface and tried the same, GPS II does not catch signal.

    If the GPS II of other model is connecting (though it takes over 4-5 mins) while set on M-Link, logically this new GPS II module should also connect. But it doesn't .... why?

    Will appreciate your suggestion.


    Hello Richard,

    I am installing the GPS II on my 50cc model. The iGyro 3E has been working excellent till now.

    On setting up the GPS II via the Y-connector, the light becomes solid. But when I connect to igyro 3e, the light keeps on blinking, but at slow speed and does not turn solid green.

    FYI - I am using Sanwa TX RX. It is the same model that Alex flew in Amby Valley show.

    Please advise.


    Vivek Bali

    Yes I have already matched the servos and have test flown my airplane some how I feel the the gains have to be re calibrated again that's why I would like to re adjust the gains.
    I am attaching some pictures for reference

    I want to re adjust the gains, so I guess these are the following steps that I have to follow ?
    1. Input mapping I assign a channel for gain knob. Also what about the flight mode switch
    2. Test flight assistant
    3. Move the sticks to end points
    4. Flight mode switch to FM2 right?
    But on this screen when I move the gain knob on my radio the gain value should change right ? Whereas it remains same
    Kindly advice
    Thank you

    Dear Richard,
    The installation of 3e should be near or on the CG, or it docent matter. I am using JR 28X and my normal gain is only 10, do yo think is this okay because if I increase the gain my airplane starts to oscillate

    Richard do you think later you could in corporate similar software what the Mercury has in the Royal SRS, since both the power box has Igyro built in ? Because the vector thrust and torque roll feature is just brilliant.

    Once I have completed the setup assistant then the next message on the screen reads now fly the model, so where can I read the normal and heading hold gyro gain values ? Also will it save automatically ? Do I need to assign a gain channel ?

    Dear Richard,
    I am using JR 28X and I am unable to get the systems working. First I binded 1 receiver to my transmitter and inserted the patch cable in port RX1 and switched on the system but still it shows RX:- and I binded 2 receivers and again this time connected in both ports RX1 and RX2 but still the systems shows RX1:- and RX2:- even after selecting JR Xbus in the TX-System, could you please guide me so that the systems starts working. But when I am trying the same procedure with Futaba system then it works perfectly fine.
    Thank you.

    Quote from "Richard Deutsch"


    for the Royal and Champion (from V05) it is the "Tele" port. If your Champion is older than V05 it is the data port.

    Just connect the BlueCom, select "PC-Control" in the menu. Then start the App on your phone an follow the screen in the phone

    Dear Richard,
    What is V05 ? I bought the Champion SRS few years back, but last Ambey Valley Jan 2016, Alex updated the software to V6.7. Now I am using JR 28X so for telemetry features do I require to send the Champion to you are just the software update would do ?
    Thanks for your help.
    Jamal Ahmad

    Dear Richard,
    I have got the royal RRS and I need help. Firstly I am using LiFe from you and on the display it shows LiPo, so I do I change the battery type, then how can I centre and program end points of the the match servo ports ?