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    Thanks guys.

    Two questions then.

    If one output is 5.9 and the other 7.4v, what voltage is supplied to each of the two Futaba receivers?

    (Reason I ask is the electron retract controller has a S-bus input. I plan to connect one of the Futaba receivers s-bus output to the electron retract controller which will  supply power to the HV steering servo.)

    Second question, if I do change and use an additional splitter, my set up would be

    Output A supplies

    1st splitter

    Which feeds another splitter which supplies two pwm units in each wing


    Connects to PWM splitter in the tail.

    Total setup from output A would be 2 splitters and 3 Pwm units.

    Except for the complexity of one additional splitter is there any disadvantage doing this?

    (For reference powerbus A would then supply 4 jr8411 servos, 2 jr 8711 2 jr 9411 and two midi size jr servos)


    I have a small skymaster A10.

    I’m using the royal with a Pwm unit in the tail connected to output A.

    I’m using a splitter and a pwm unit in each wing.

    It is exactly the configuration here


    The tail unit is connected to output A.

    Is it possible to have both powerbus outputs at 5.9v BUT the output A servos fed by 7.4V from the powerbox servo outputs?

    I have three reasons to ask 1) I have a HV servo on the nose leg 2) I can run my lighting controller power supply from the powerbox and not directly from the battery and 3) my electron gear controller can then be fed from the powerbox rather than directly from a battery.

    Thanks in advance.


    I’m trying to update my gps 2 before I connect it to my mercury.

    The mobile terminal app on my iPad and iPhone only show gps, not gps 11 as an option.

    When I try to connect, I’m unable too...after the ten second delay it says “no device connected”

    Can you help?

    Ps the gps 11 is powered and the green light is flashing.


    I wonder if you can assist me. Im setting up a F18 model on a mercury. Id like to have the option of using two channels on the rudder and one on the nosegear.

    Id like to have the option of operating the rudders normally, AND also to be able to have BOTH rudders move inward at the same time and outward at the same time...just like the full size does.

    I understand, just like if i used "crow" on the ailerons, when the rudder is away from the centre, it will not function in "heading mode", but thats not a problem with the rudders.

    What i am wondering is can the mercury deal with three transmitter channels going to the mercury on one output?

    Will it be possible to have GY rudder A using channel 1 and 2, and GY rudder B using channel 3 on the nose gear for example?

    Thank you in advance.


    I’m sure I’m about to feel stupid for not being able to figure this out....

    But what’s the point of the two rings supplied with the LED mount? How do they attach to the LED? Do they allow you to mount it on a flat surface?

    Really confused??


    Is it acceptable to leave a 4000 pack permanently connected to a jetcat ECU?

    I'm putting together a model and the ECU and battery will no be easy to access. Leaving them attached would be helpful, but I'm concerned about the ECU slowly discharging the battery.

    Does anyone have any field reports of success or failure?

    Thanks in advance

    I had a similar problem.
    I think I may have cured it by disconnecting a s-bus decoder that was on the same Y lead as the iGyro. There was a stalled servo on it, which dragged the voltage down to 4.2 rather than the normal digiswitch 5.5 v
    Not completely convinced yet that the problems gone.

    I'm resurrecting an older thread, as I still haven't been able to get a proper GPS readout over telemtry. Strangely all the other powerbox readings are correct.
    I've just updated all the software on the royal, Teleconverter and GPS 2 unit.
    I've tried both GPS 2 units configured with the bluecom software.
    I havent tried to fly the model since the changes, but both lat and long coordinates are incorrect-strangely the lat is almost exactly the correct longitude, and vice versa.

    Any ideas?

    Hi Richard,

    I ran through the setup assistant at the field, then had another successful flight. The aircraft felt locked in as Id expect. It is a BVM bobcat.

    The next day when i flew, i took off, climbed vertical, rolled and went for a fast downwind pass, and experienced massive pitch oscillation. I quickly disabled the igyro and landed shortly after. The engine quit taxiing in as the force was sufficient to undo a multiplex connector. A fuel tank had shifted too.

    After checking for damage, I then flew later and ran the setup assistant again. I got to similar elevator gain values without a problem, but the model didn't feel as locked in as on the first days flying. I wasn't brave enough to try as fast a downwind pass as before, but do feel i need more gain than i set on this day.

    I wondered if you had any ideas- i wondered if a) the gps hadn't locked in so the pitch oscillation was due to too high a gain for the speed. Or b) should i change the airspeed factor. I admit I'm not familiar with what the airspeed factors function is if you have the gps unit attached, or what direction it should be changed too.

    Hi Richard,

    Ive just installed and flown my igyro in my BVM bobcat. It usually requires a lot of up elevator trim with flap deployment.

    Even with 100% gain on the elevator set using the test fly assistant, the model dives when i deploy the flap.

    Looking at the gyro settings i see 98% normal gain and 49 heading gain.
    ( Is there any merit in increasing heading gain alone?)

    I thought one of the benefits of the gyro was that you could delete any flap-elevator mixes, but that doesn't appear to be so.

    I could reinstate my flap elevator mix, but my understanding is that that means the gyro sees my elevator trim change as an elevator command and id come out of heading mode.

    Your assistance would be appreciated.

    (Out of interest, another flyer using the gyro 3e on the same type of model uses 15% elevator gain, 35% on aileron and 50% on rudder, whereas I'm set up elevator 100, aileron 100, rudder 50%)

    Hi Richard,
    I'm setting up an iGyro on a F18.
    I've configured it as a delta and have one elevon attached to ele-A and one elevon to Ail-A. The delta function of the elevens works correctly.
    I have two ailerons on the wing and they are connected via a Y lead to ail-B.
    The two rudders and the nose leg steering are connected to the rudder output.

    I've noticed in the setup that there is an option for a rudder B output.
    What is the purpose of two rudders -a & b when there is only one rudder output on the iGyro?

    Second question-is it possible to use the currently vacant ele-B channel for anything? I was hoping I could have both elevens on ele-A and ele-B and both wing ailerons on ail-A and ail-B

    Hi Richard,

    I tried the telemetry data reset, and I disconnected the other non powerbox sensors, then rest the telemetry again. Ive tried activating th epowerbox sensor on slot 8 and 16 in case that made any difference, but Im afraid it doesn't.

    Im now thinking about changing the receiver, and i think i have a gps 2 unit that came with an gyro that i can try.

    Problem is, the other parameters, of voltage, capacity and lost frames, etc come through okay.

    Few more pictures of the odd readings I'm getting.

    normally the other voltage, capacity, fades, holds counts reads correctly, it only reads as in the pictures above when the xicoy telemtry is removed and the units changed from metric to imperial.

    The royal seems to indicate a sensible speed after landing, but I do have another gps2 unit which came with an iGyro that I can try.

    Hi Richard,
    It's been a little while, so I've git around to trying to solve the problem.
    I reset the transmitter, and cleared all the xicoy telemtry engine parameters from the display. I did not disconnect the xicoy inputs from the receiver.
    I reloaded the powerbox telemetry and tried it on slot 8 and 16.
    I love in the UK around N55 so was confused as the position displayed on the telemetry. I also get bizarre voltage readings too. I tried switching from metric to imperial units in case the values displayed had been changed by the transmitter.
    Do you have any other suggestions?

    Hi Richard,
    I'm trying to decide between the 3e and the iGyro.
    I'd like to use one on a f18 model, with the tailerons set as a delta wing AND with the ailerons on the wing acting only as ailerons.
    I can achieve this config on the transmitter, but I'm not sure if this would work with the 3e.

    Or indeed can I do this on the iGyro?