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    I am using a Mercury SRS in Jeti mode in a jet. The GPS gives me groundspeed I believe. Can I also use the Jeti Pitot Tube for Airspeed, or will the two conflict? How to setup so they do not conflict? Thanks, Brad

    I am building a new jet with a Mercury SRS, set for Jeti. On other Jeti planes, I have used the Jeti 3rd Rx for use as an On/Off Remote Switch. My question is since the PB unit requires its own Dual On/Off switch, at least for programming, can I use both that switch as well as the Jeti 3rd Rx for remote ON/Off? Or will it create conflicts or issues? Thx, Brad

    Richard, Please.....I've told you 4-5 times I'm ONLY trying to update my PB units using the Bluecom, not doing a setup. You've said over and over that it will only update....and I've said I understand that....the ISSUE is that it won't connect using the Bluecom to enable an continues to say, No Device Connected.....just like 5-6 other people here are telling you. My Adapter is good, my Y Cable is good, my connections are correct, and PC Enable is turned what? I'm not sending all this back to Germany simply to get an update. There is something fundamentally wrong for so many people to be saying the exact same thing I am.....please look into a software fix on your end.

    Ok thanks Richard for these instructions. I'll do that and report back. As for your last comment, I am aware SRS devices are only able to be updated and not configured via Bluecom. Thats all I'm trying to do. The only choice that is highlighted is Quick Update. And when I select that after proper attachment and PC Control, thats when I get the message saying "No Device Connected" At that point obviously it can't update anything as its not communicating with the Bluecom.

    But I"ll delete the adspter and re-pair and restart from scratch, etc. Thx.

    Yes, I read all the other complaints about not connecting....there are 4-5 and used your diagram, put it the Tele port....even tried Data port, and put it in Update mode....PC Control. It does not work. You said in one feedback that the PB SRS units were not supported yet. Then in another post you said they were, but only for updating. But it won't connect to update. Nir also tried using my equipment and I tried it 7-8x with Nir.

    Yes I did connect it exactly as shown in the diagram. I am using the IOS Adapter and have an iPhone6 Plus. The adapter works perfectly on the i3e Gyro. So I know it works....I don't get an error message. It just says ---No Device Connected---This is exactly the same as several other have written in about the Blucom. It doesn't connect to the Powerbox units.

    I understand I cannot use both at same time, but can I plug in the Digital Switch and do my necessary programming and setup, and then disconnect that cable and plug in the Jeti Magic Switch and use the RSAT3 as a wireless on/off switch? I thought that was the whole purpose of the Magic Switch? If not, how are we to use the Magic Switch. Thanks much.

    Ok I see the updates for my units in the link you sent. Thanks. But still need to know about both batteries connected, etc, and 2) if its current could that be why its not connecting, since its already updated?

    Richard, that wasn't actually my question. Of course I need battery connected. My question was "Must I have Both batteries connected, as you mentioned for the Magic switch to work correctly, to enable the Bluecom to connect?"

    As I said, Ive done everything youve said to try and connect device to update it to no avail, except use 2 batteries.

    Also I'd asked if the unit is already updated, would that be a reason for it not to connect? Lastly, it'd help to know what is current version for Champion SRS and Comp SRS so I can compare.

    Thanks much.

    Super, thanks Richard,

    Also I was wanting to use a 3rd Jetii Rsat Rx as a wireless on/off switch. Is that possible? Recommend or not? Or do i need to keep the PB 3 button on/off switch? Can i use both? Your switch for adjusting the Comp SRS and Jeti wireless for on/off?
    CAPT Brad Leininger, USN & Nir Schweizer.

    Sending the units is a huge delay and trouble in getting flying. What anout updating via PC instead of Bluecom?

    What is current version of Comp SRS and Champion SRS?

    I am working on two planes. A jet using CHAMPION SRS and a 120cc gas 3D using COMP SRS. I read where i need to set the Powerbox unit to UDI or at least one Rx? Im not sure I have that correct. But when I set the Tx settings in the PB menu, do I use PPM , UDI, or EX, and why if possible so I understand. Do I also need to make a change in the Jetu Tx?
    Thank you Richard

    Thank you for diagram. Now that Ive connected the Comp SRS correctly it has quick connect greyed out and quick update highlighted. But when i select quick update, it continues to say no device connected. The PB is set to PC-Control. My mobile device says my Bluetooth connection is working to a bluecom PBX. So that seems correct as well. My bluecom unit has updated my i3 gyros, so I don't suspect it's defective.
    Thanks for any insights.
    Brad & Nir

    I'm confused as well....trying to connect my Comp SRS to Bluetooth for update. It doesn't seem to connect. Says online it may need a Y-Adapter....I have that, but no explanation how to use it? So are the various Power Systems NOT supported via Bluetooth? How do I update them then?

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    oh - thats an important information! Didn´t know that they have two different items in different countries. Yes- you are right: you have to use the "EX R3/RSW".

    Thanks Richard