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    Hi everyone,

    Just a cautionary note to avoid my mistake. I make sure that I'm always using the latest version of software / firmware in all my devices and Jeti is no exception. I set up my PB Royal using Jeti V3.24 UDI 16 which gave me 16 channels at the PB.

    Jeti then released v3.25 and so I updated my Rxs. I then discovered that I can only access 12 channels at the PB although I can see 24 channels at the Tx. So, with the help of the excellent Jeti Forum, the following was pointed out to me:

    "V3.25 adds 24 channel support via EX Bus but does not support UDI16, just UDI12. You need to update your Rsat2 with V3.24 UDI16 firmware"

    So, if you are experiencing this issue you might want to check your Jeti firmware version.


    Hi Richard,

    Is it the case that the switches for Door Sequence and Gyro FM can only be assigned and activated through the relevant PB Assistant or can they be activated manually?



    Hi Richard,

    Just to clarify the Mercury orientation question - I'll be using a mercury in a Carf P-47. By "Level with the ground", do you mean that when installing the Mercury, I must ensure that the P-47 is in it's level flight state (i.e. I need to bring the tail level) and then make sure that the mounting plate is level in the fuselage?


    Hi Richard,
    Am using Jeti with Royal SRS software version 11.6. and jet tronic valves
    -Set up input mapping and servo mapping for primary controls and all worked well.
    - Entered Door sequencer assistant to set up gear and doors but it disrupted flap and aileron setting.
    - Rest Flaps and ailerons and set up door sequence manually and all worked well.
    - Went back into the sequence and made a manual change to one of the timings and all worked well. Switched off system
    - Restarted the PB following day. When I cycled the gear from down to up the fist task completed i.e. the gear went up but then the sequence appeared to stop - the doors did not close and nothing further happened until I selected gear down again.
    - The gear cycled down correctly.
    - When I next selected gear up the sequence ran correctly, the gear went up and the doors closed.
    - When I selected gear down, the doors opened and the gear came down.
    - Provided that I do not switch off the system, the gear sequence continues to operate correctly.
    - If I switch off and then on again, the initial cycle will not complete but subsequent ones will.

    Do you have any idea why this might be happening?
    Should I reload the latest software update?
    Thanks for any help

    Here is my sequence:
    Sequence Down to Up
    Task 1 DS-Out 1 (Gear)
    Start 2000
    stop 1000
    start 0
    stop 1

    task 2 DS-Out 2 (Doors)
    Start 1000
    stop 2000
    Start time 7
    stop 8

    Sequence Up to Down
    Task 1 Ds-out 2
    Start 2000
    stop 1000
    start time 0
    stop time 1

    Task 2 DS-Out 1
    Start 1000
    Stop 2000
    start time 5
    Stop 6

    Thanks for your help in solving my problem Richard. The problem was entirely of my own making. I did not select Reset/Update on the PB menu!
    Thanks again for a great product and service

    Hi Richard,

    I have the same problem with Terminal not connecting with the Powerbox Royal SRS - I get the message Powerbox not connected.

    I have followed all the advice I can find on the forum which includes uninstalling and reinstalling Terminal, Java and the USB drivers together with connecting everything in the correct sequence. I get the same problem with different PCs using different OS (Win 7 and Win 10).

    Can you advise please? Also how do I activate 'quick tips' and where would I find 'Teamview' if needed.


    Just an update on this - I discovered that I had not correctly bound both RSAT2s which might account for the fact that only the left battery was consuming power. However this does not explain (?) why the capacity of the left hand battery was showing such a low figure when the green Led light was on after a charge.



    I have two PB 3200 LiFeP04 batteries connected to Royal SRS. I am charging them through a PB charging extension and the PB charger. When they both come off charge the green Led is lit on both batteries indicating a full charge. However, the left hand battery shows Volts 6.81 - capacity remaining - 1786 whilst the right battery shows volts 7.09 - capacity remaining 3161. (I have a picture but am not sure how to post if that's possible).

    Any significant movement of the sticks causes the low voltage Led on the left battery to come on - the right battery low voltage Led stays off. There seems to be a higher voltage draw from the left hand battery - am currently just setting the system up so have not flown the system yet.

    I have the following other settings: Chemistry: LiFeP04 - Capacity: 3200 - Output voltage A: 5.9v - Output voltage B: 5.9v.

    Am I doing something wrong or is the left hand battery defective (it is brand new)?

    Thanks for any thoughts

    Quote from "Richard Deutsch"

    As you can see in the FAQ: Connect it to the Royal. The Royal to the Expander. You don't need the M- Speed Sensor

    Ok - thanks Richard