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    What is the effect of the new gyro setting please?

    I can see it can be set to one of Soft, Normal, Hard Ultra

    Hello Richard,

    I have today swapped the old unit for another I have and done fight tests in nice windy conditions to set the aileron rate gain.

    As I expected the replacement unit's gain is similar to the old unit before I experienced the problem - at 54%. The gain was set very conservatively to ensure no oscillations when flying at top speed into wind.

    I really think it's worth you checking the old unit due to the sudden change in effective gain - as noted above it had been set at approx 60% boost 1, and suddenly could not be set above 10% without severe oscillations except at very low speeds.

    Please let me know what I should do.



    The bad GPS was my first thought but I changed to a brand new one, so it's unlikely that's faulty too.

    I have a plan - I'll swap to another iGyro unit and run the gain set up flights again after a full reset.

    Hello Richard,

    But that wouldn't explain why it has suddenly changed. The aileron gain has been set up at around 70% for years and dozens of flights. It has only changed this week.

    It's as if the GPS is not working on this one one axis only. I know that seems impalusible. 10% is a figure I would expect on this airframe with no GPS. This is a 150 size Yak 54.

    Hello Powerbox folk

    A well flown model with a unmodified gyro settings and mechanical set up has suddenly shown very strong roll axis oscillations in rate mode only. The gain settings were set at 66%, boost 0, or there abouts on all axes, boost 0 and speed factor 4. This set up has been flown many times.

    I initially thought this might be a GPS v1 sensor fault. This was replaced with a new GPS v2 and gain calibration flights made. The 'fault' is still there - the maximum gain on ailerons is only 10% with 66-68 % on elevator and rudder. Boost 1 on all axes. Tests only done in rate mode.

    How can this suddenly happen? Is there a sensor fault?

    This is similar to another iGyro unit I had in a different airframe- again I though it was a GPS v1 unit problem. Replacing did not fix the problem although the symptoms were not exactly the same.

    Should I send both devices back for a check?



    I have all the versions of the Powerbox igyro...

    Yes definitely get the GPS - it's easily the best feature of these gyros. Once set up , you can then forget about gain mixes with their limitations and possibility of error.

    Its always worth being careful in the few flights after the gain and speed factor are set up, so that thegain is suitable for all conditions - rule of thumb, if it oscillates, don't panic, just slow down until it stops, land and reduce the gain a bit

    Do you use the GPS to regulate the gain with speed? The low gain figures and your description seem to imply it.

    If you don't i really recommend you fit a GPS II, it's one, if not the, greatest feature of the IGyro series.