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    Hello Richard, I am putting this out there as maybe there is a problem that exists and could be prevented....................
    Unfortunately I had the same problem happen to me in the Air 3 minutes into first flight of the day full throttle with complete loss of aircraft,complete smoking hole!
    I never had a shutdown problem on the bench while setting up radio, servos, gear,etc. ( probably had been on for 30 minutes or more)

    Comp ARF Euro sport
    jet central Rhino
    Competition SRS with 4 satellite receivers
    2- 6.6V 3000mah (fully charged with telemetry reading back perfectly)
    DX9 fully charged ( after crash verified TX on my other plane worked fine)
    previous Range check exceeded Mfg. minimum distance ( no loss of signal)

    Richard.....i have rebound the power box with sat # 2 removed and it seems like all frame and holds are a 0 now
    My question is : do I only use 3 sattelites now with telemetry?
    Why is this?

    I have a power box competition SRS with a TM1000 connected- in the telemetry menu of the DX9 the powerbox option is selected
    On the power box menu the telemetry option says( spectrum telemetry)
    I am programming the radio with plane next to me on the bench and this is the scenario:
    1) I am receiving 3K to 4K frame losses!
    2) up to 45 holds !
    3)Voice commands are not correct as they are stating decimal points in wrong values of capacity and voltage
    4) The voltage and capacity screen readout the correct values

    thanks for all you do!

    Im sure this has been asked before but, Im currently using a DX9 with 4 DSMX receivers :

    1)do I use this cable (SPMA9550) plugged into the data port on the Comp. SRS?
    2) do I have to purchase this cable (SPMA9579) and plug it into the Spektrum telemetry port?


    Richard this was taken from the instruction sheet so is this wrong? or am I misreading the statement.
    • Spektrum DSM2 and DSMX:
    If you select Spektrum DSM2 or DSMX, the additional menu point BIND
    now appears. Whether you select the DSM2 or DSMX option depends
    on your transmitter type - not on the satellites connected to the system

    Just wanted to clarify that when using a DSMX transmitter, are all the following statements true ?

    Tx DSMX- powerbox using Spektrum DSMX satellites = DSMX
    Tx DSMX - powerbox using Spektrum DSM2 satellites =DSMX
    Tx DSMX- powerbox JR DSM2 satellites = DSMX