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    I have another question.

    I have a Spectrum Royal.

    I need to add channel 17, 18 and 19 for gear doors to sequence the gears and doors.

    But I believe the Royal only supports 16 channels.

    How do I expand and get more channels? Is there a trick?


    which port do you plug the enlink into 900 Rx? Plug into Chl 3?

    I will try this from beginning again. I have followed it but when I unplug the two 2.4GHz Rx, the plane does not respond to Tx input while the 900 Rx still shows a chk mark next to it!

    Thanks. Will try it again.

    I flashed it with that and it still does not work.

    Van you share a schematic and step by step one more time?

    I read the instructions and something does not work.

    The 900 is showing up on my transmitter as active. But when I disconnect the two 2.4GHz, the plane dies not respond. The 900 is still showing with a check mark but no response. Thanks


    I followed the direction to connect the 900 reciever using the Enlink.

    But when I unplug the two 2.4GHz Rx, the plane does not respond to the 900 Rx.

    In the Jeti Tx, it has a check mark next to the 900. It appears to be binded and active but does not respond.

    What else can I check to make sure I setup correctly?

    BTW, I updated the 900 Rx to the latest SW that includes PPM/UDI.


    hello. First, you are amazing and great customer care.

    On the transmitter, in each of the receivers, should I set those receivers to output period of 10ms and the power box to 10ms?


    got it.

    Question about signal speed. Can you please explain what that does? Why the PB manual recommends 10ms? And I have seen others set up at default 17 ms. And then there is no exact match in the jeti Rx. It's at 1ms higher.

    So how does the signal speed affect the controls?



    I have a PB Royal SRS. just updated to SV 0.1.8.

    I am switching to JETI. The powerbox does not give me an option to select Jeti UDI. What is the issue? All I see is JETI EX and JETI PPM. I have another powerbox that does give me those options.

    please help.

    thank you


    Page 26 gives the option of turning att assist on or off.

    I selected the wrong gyro function during setup. I selected att assist all instead of std. How do i change FM2 from all to std without going through the entire setup again which will wipe out all my throws and trims...


    a few questions. 1st, thank you much. The set up assist worked.

    The servo has a jitter. What settings do i need to adjust?

    If i have the mercury already setup using the gyro assist, is there a way to manually change the type of gyro function? For example for FM 1 i may have torque roll as the type of gyro function. How do i manually change it Att Ass STD? Thank you


    I am trying to setup my first powerbox with my jeti.

    I am using two rex-3 receivers.

    Powerbox mercury.

    I got to bind the receivers.

    Everything is on.

    But when i assign port A of the mercury to elevator nothing happens. If i assign it to direct 1-12 then the servo works. What am i doing wrong? I assume my gyro will not operate if i assign the port as a direct channe!

    Please help me setup. Thanks

    Hello Richard,
    I am having an issue with my competition SRS.
    Here is it:
    I initialize the servos. I am running two elevator servos on A1 and A2.
    Then I want to do servo matching
    When I try to match end points, I go through the steps and activate the function to match end point.
    I start moving the one end point to max and after say 75% movement, the servo goes dead. When I stop the function and servo returns to neutral, it start working again. But if I move my transmitter stick to full movement the servo stops working again.
    I changed servos, and same happened.
    I used the second competition SRS that I have and the same thing happened.
    what is the issue here? what am I doing wrong perhaps. Just note please that I have over a dozen Royals and never had this issue. This is my first experience with the competition so not sure if there is a trick that is different than the royal?