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    I am thinking about purchasing the Powerbox Competition and pair it with my IGyro SRS and Futaba S.bus receiver. I have non-S.bus servos connected via the Futaba SBD-1 decoders.

    Do I keep the decoders connected to the servos and then connect the decoder to the powerbox or do I disconnect the decoder from the servos and connect each individual servo that require stabilization to the powerbox competition and the others to the receiver and connect the receiver via sbus to the igyro?

    I want to know before I purchase.

    I am having issues with my igyro setup. All servos are non Sbus but connect via sbus enable hubs.

    The servos work when in all flight modes when I move my sticks, but the servos do not in any direction when I move the plane in FM2(normal) or FM3(heading).

    In the setup I can see different % for all the control surfaces when I switch each mode.

    I tried setting up manually and via setup assist and still the same problem.


    On my 2nd Igyro 3e, when I set it up I can turn my gain knob to the left and the green lights come on, as it does on my 1st one, but when I turn the gain knob to the right I do not get the red lights. The lights are half red/amber color and I don't get any deflection when I rock the plane. I connect the wireless USB adapter and when I turn the gain knob you can see the dot move up and down the green line, but when I turn the gain knob for the red lights the dot just go back to the center as if I am turning the Igyro off.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.