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    Be VERY carefull with this TX. Me and my friend both owned a DSX 11 once and it had low output power compared to other systems. I lost a plane due to it. After a lot of pressure JR exchanged them and the new one was much better, but still less then a Spektrum transmitter in range. I never used it afterwards and bought a Spektrum TX.

    We normally see VERY low values on frameloss and antenna fades using DSM2. DSMX is a bit higher normally. Antenna fades above 50 was rare, lost frames (with 3 receivers) less then 5 normally. These low values are not uncommon. I have seen many flights when one or more receivers had 0 fades and 0 lost frames was normal :)

    Then it must be a software issue in the converter i think.....

    Richard Deutsch I tested the converter with the GPS II directly and i got GPS coordinates and all other data. I cannot test with a mercury and GPS II since i have not one available. It should be the same format / data right?

    Yes, those are designed for carbon fuselages. You should make sure the active part of the antenna is fully outside of the fuselage. I would add at least 10mm of the shielded part also. Maybe there is better info on how to mount the antenna's because flat against the fuselage does not work either. If you can hide them in scale antenna's it would be great. Also think about mounting them in the tip of a tail or something if there is no carbon there. You can extend the sat cable to make it work without a problem (as long as you keep the cable away from high current sources like batteries of turbines ect).

    @ Tadango, I think there would be some interested producers, but how is that with the rights? Who made this adapter?

    The hardware is a standard Arduino but any chip with serial capabilities will do. I wrote the code myself so feel free to use it. Maybe you can adapt the Futaba adapter for this? It should be identical for the hardware part. You can adapt the code for the chip in the Futaba adapter. If you need help explaining part of the code of the SPort protocol contact me and i am happy to help.

    Thanks. So what Powerbox has the above feature ? (HV on the servo side with , regular voltage on the RX side).

    I don't think you should connect servo's directly to the receiver. The power output for the receiver is not build for this.

    What you want is a Powerbox with dual voltage zones, like the Royal or Champion

    Is it possible to use both a regular /frsky X8rpro and a long range receiver like the Frsky R9 slim+ with the Mercury SRS? I would like to use both receivers to cover all signal ranges to be on the safe side. Also, is there a way to get telemetry to the Frsky radio without building a arduino adapter?



    Yes it should work (but i have not tested it).

    No, there are no FrSky teleconverters (like for futaba) available for sale and Powerbox will never sell one because they consider FrSky a crappy product and will never support it (am i saying this correct Richard?)

    I am thinking of releasing those converters myself but i don't have enough time to produce PCB's for it.

    What do yo mean with: The servo's start to move? Do they move randomly or do they switch to a failsafe position?

    It could be an issue with mismatching framerates from the 2.4 and 900 receivers. They are not equal. It should only make the PB skip a frame (hence the flickering dots?) My setup would be 2x RX8R Pro's with one R9Slim+ connected to one of the Pro's. This would ensure the same framerates for both receivers. I don't know if the receivers sync to the RF frames. If they do it would be the same a Futaba does. I doubt FrSky does that. You could ask FrSky but i have not found it an issue with only 2.4 receivers, even different types.

    The only servo movement glitches i have seen were explainable due to a Mercury bug.