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    Hi. I am trying to ajust the servo centre position on output 2

    I have done the initialise channel ok

    The instructions then say "use the transmitter stick to move the servo to the position you wish to ajust"

    So I use the stick to position the servo to where I want it and hold it there and press start

    The instructions say that the servo then remains in that position but when i let go of the stick it does not remain in that position

    The slider does not seem to do anything

    Thanks for any help you may have

    Hi. I have just received a new Igyro 3e and the patch leads that come with it seem very thin.

    Will these be OK when using heavy duty servos (25kg to 30kg)


    Hi Richard

    I do not have an Iphone, I am using an Ipad Mini running IOS 9.3.5 which is the latest software it can use.

    I tried deleting the Mobile Terminal and reinstalling it but he problem is still there.

    It seems strange that all the other functions work except the servo centre ajustment.

    I can not find any detailed instructions or video on ajusting the servo centre position.

    I am moving the transmitter stick to move the servo to the new centre position then pressing the start which is when the app crashes.

    When the app crashes the receiver stops working until I recycle the power.

    Hi I am using Blue Com IOS on an Ipad

    Mobile Terminal V1.9

    Igyro 1e V3 software

    I would like to ajust the servo centre point on output 2

    The initialization and servo reverse all work fine

    I use the transmitter stick to move the servo to the required position and press start

    After pressing start button the Mobile Terminal completely shuts down and the radio stops working ( servos wont move)

    I switch the radio off then on again and the servo goes back to its original position

    I have tried this with 2 Igyro 1e and both do the same.

    is there a video showing step by step how to do this ?

    I have exactly the same problem as "Larry" a couple of posts below.
    I have an Igyro E3, Bluecom adapter and an Ipad (Larry had an Iphone)
    The lower gain sliders and the switches work fine but not the upper gain sliders.
    I have tried moving my finger to the right slightly as you mentioned in Larry's post and close to the slider in all directions but the slider will not move.
    All that happens is the page scrolls down.

    Hi. I have a 1e on the Ailerons of a speedy model, the aileron trim would change when flying fast or slow.
    The 1e in Headng Hold eliminates this problem and the model now flies dead straight at all speeds.
    My question is when I go to hand launch the model in heading mode the Ailerons are not always level, do I have to launch with the gyro switched off or should the ailerons level up as I launch it.

    Many Thanks for your help.

    Hi. I have not yet purchased an Igyro 3e and have a couple of questions.

    I understand that gain ideally needs to be reduced with speed, could the gain control channel be mixed with the throttle control channel to do this.

    In the Igyro E3 setup video it mentions using a rotary control on the transmitter to change the gain in flight.
    Does the Gyro not need to be switched off and back on again each time the gain is changed to reset the gain.

    Can I use an Ipad with a lead to use the advance settings or do I have to purchase the BlueCom adapter also.