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    Dear Mercury users, i'm sorry for no answering.

    I solved my Issue not far after it happened. I reseted the unit after a light crash, because i could not figure out some problems and as reprogrammed it, i forgot to set the right acting direction of the igyro. So it corrected the ailerons in the wrong direction??‍♂️ it was absolutly my fault and apologise for all the trouble that i brought to you.

    Greetings Marco

    Hallo HSteini,

    Ich habe mich über das selbe Phenomen gewundert. Und eben auch festgestellt, dass dann mit dem standard Airspeed Faktor ( ich glaube der ist dann auf 2) relativ wenig Unterstützung vorhanden ist. Dem kann man entgegenwirken, indem man den Airspeed Faktor nachträglich, nach der standard Einflieg- Prozedur höher stellt und den Gain dann durch erfliegen erhöht. Also, wenn der Airspeed Faktor erhöt wird, lässt sich der Gain auch erhöhen. Ich bin bei meiner Extreme Flight Edge 540T 78" so bei einem Gainwert von bis zu 60% und Airspeedfaktor 4 gelandet und das ohne zittern bei Vollgas. Dies zu erfliegen braucht etwa einen bis zwei nachmittage und viele Landungen. Aber es lohnt sich auf jeden fall. Beste Grüsse, Marco


    Mine is also matched wit the latest update and i had this issue not quiet after the uptdate. Probably two flight hours after the update

    Dear Powerbox Team i know you guys do your job right. This is a very complex unit and if there is a problem with it, i know you will fix it! You are still a great brand. Greez marco

    Hello friends,

    Today i had the same issue about unwanted rolling action after activating fm2.

    I have to say that i have already good expirience wit the Mercury srs and it did its job all the time right. Untill today. As i switched it to fm2 it started to toumble over the ailerons from the left to the right and back, until it started to turn in a hard, continuous rollover to the ground. The only way to rescue the model was to switch back to fm1 immediately.

    I fly with jeti and did not recognize any warnig for signal loss. As i landed, i rechecked the acting direction of the control surfaces in fm2. Nothing seemed to be wrong. Then i reinitialized the gyro thru testfly assistant and checked all directions again. In all test flights, allways the same result. Unwanted unending rollover. There is to say, to not risk my plane in the near of the ground, i had to preset the testfly assistant on the ground to a known parameter like 30% gain. To be able to test the new initalisation in a secure altitude. In my case, there is no turbine near the Mercury srs. Its a conventional electric powered prop plane and it did many flights with no issues within gyro usage before, in the same configuration.

    Maybe you have allready solved that problem this time?

    In will do further tests like reset the hole pb and check failsafe and hold logs and so on.

    One more question: is there a possibility of wearing the gyro thru vibrations and hits in normal day use?

    But anyway many thanks for response

    Greetings, marco