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    Hello Rainer,

    Could you explain a little more please? Not sure what you mean by 'Chance the model on the Core Transmitter'



    I think he meant "Change the model".
    If you load another model, all communications to the one you're testing will be lost.
    That takes a lot less time than switching off/on the Core.


    As far as I saw it, Early bird meant you did get a special price on the Core transmitter, including 2 extra receivers.
    And, as the Core has a legacy from Weatronic, the "very early bird" also offered a trade in for Weatronic transmitters and receivers also.

    All great to facilitate a transfer to Powerbox core.

    The hardware is of course not any kind of beta type.


    What switch for on/off use would you recommend for the Power Expander?

    (Deans power plug and battery)

    I tried the Powerswitch, but it would end up sort of "reversed" as the heavy cable goes to the Power Expander, not the battery.
    It works, but the green Led stays on always.


    Seems like I forgot to switch off the Core last night, but now the battery indicators are in the green again.

    Now the problem is that it will not save any of the changes I make.
    New models are gone when i restart the Core, changes in existing models are gone when I select a different model, and then go back to the first.

    Is this when I have to reformat the SD card?
    If so, will I loose all my model settings?


    Frankly, I'm not entirely sure why it started to work as I wanted it to, but here's how it is set up.
    I have two timers "Motortid" counting down from 5 mins, and "Totaltid" counting up from zero.

    Here you can see that the Total time is assigned to ST-A, which is the throttle stick.
    There is no stop assigned, just a reset using SW-G

    This shows how the throttle stick starts the timer, anything above low end position starts the timer.
    Earlier it also used to stop if the stick was returned to the low end position. Not any more, and that is what I'm not totally sure how I did.

    Here we're ready to launch, and both timers are reset.

    Moving the throttle stick will start both timers.
    The "Motortid" will stop counting down whenever the motor is stopped, and the "Totaltid" countinues to count upwards.
    Since this setup, I assigned SW-H to stop the "Totaltid" timer. That too works.

    Hope this will help adding to the confusion ;)^^


    You are using the "SL-A" Geber for the timers.

    If you move the SL-A from -100 and up, the timers will start.
    If you move SL-A back to -100 the timers will stop.

    That is what I do not want to happen for the Flugzeit timer.

    And I just found that if I do not assign any Geber to stop the Flugzeit timer, it will continue to run until I reset it.
    Then assign a different Geber to stop it.

    Problem solved 8)

    I fly an electric glider, and I need two timers, one for the motor time, and one for the total flying time.
    I've got the motor time set up so that it starts and stops when the motor starts and stops. Works brilliant,

    The total flying time, as I always forget to start that timer, I would like to use the throttle stick to start that timer too, but the problem is how to keep it from stopping when the throttle stick is down to idle.

    Any suggestions?


    I cannot really imagine that the radio system has failed in my case.
    The aircraft accident commision could not come to a certain conclusion, but determined that the most likely cause was a failure in the eyesight via brain to fingers connection on the pilots side.
    Alternatively a sudden onset of early Alzheimers......


    I had a similar crash on Saturday.
    Akro 2 m all wood, powered by a Zenoah ZG26EI.
    Canister underneath the Rx, in a tunnel in the lower par of the fuselage.
    Pulled up for a Split-S turn, rolled inverted and started pulling out, From there straight down.
    Distance to the model approx. 500 meter.

    Back in the workshop, everything works.


    I too have seen this.
    No telemetry widgets comes alive until a receiver is communicating.
    Not even the Core telemetry values. I would expect to see the battery values of the core without having to switch the receiver on.

    You do have the little green/yellow/red battery symbols in the upper left corner, but it would be nice to see the actual voltage in the widget.


    Choke on.
    I have a servo for choke on/off, and move the servo using SW-LT in toggle mode to move the choke.
    I then have the servo on the main display, where it shows -46% when on, and + 20% when off.
    It would be nice to have it say on/off instead of -46%/+20%

    (Like it does for the Sparkswitch Pro on/off)