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    I too noticed this one.
    A small issue, but to achieve perfection, it should be addressed.

    1. What would happen if you reversed the output cable?
    2. Could you design a new tape cover, which in effect turns the unit upside down?


    It usually has a smple solution...

    In other words, that worked.

    This is what the instructions says:

    Wait a moment until Aileron right appears on the screen after Teach: Aileron right
    Now move the transmitter aileron stick to the right-hand end-point, and press one
    of the two arrow buttons.

    it wouldn't hurt if it read "keep the stick fully deflected, and simultaneously press one of the two arrow buttons.


    I have installed and set up the iSat Gyro to thebest of my understanding of the intstructions, but when setting the gain to 100% there is no reaction on any of the servos at all.


    On the setup, I have "Aileron A" on axix selection, never touched that one.
    I have assigned aileron servos 2 & 3, Elevator servos 4 & 5, rudder servo 6 and gain on servo 9.
    I went through the Mounting position, Rotating the gyro up, and to the right when requested. The servos moved about when I did this, and the word "Done" is in white.

    When going through the Stick endpoints setup, it went a little different.
    It goes to "deactivate" and the green tick is on.
    Starts out with "Aileron right" in white. I move the aileron stick to the right and release it.
    Then touch the >> and it change to "Aileron left", this one in red. Again, move the aileron stick to the left. Nothing changes.
    I go through the same procedure for elevator and rudder, all texts in red, including "Done"

    That should be the entire process?

    Then, setting the gain to +100% no movement of any servo when the gyro is moved around.


    Welcome to the club.

    You must have been a nice boy all year for Santa to get you such a nice gift :)^^

    To your comments, neither Rolls Royce or Ferrari are particularly big companies, but their products are of top quality.

    Developing software is not an exact science, so setting fixed release dates is not feasible.

    A delay here is much better than falling out of the sky, as you say.

    Good luck with your Core, and enjoy the flying


    as already mentioned by Kjell and Richard basically you need a separate function for crow, see the videos available for 6 flap glider.


    You can set up the Crow ailerons to be activated when you deploy full flaps.
    If you have the flaps on a 3-pos. switch, where pos. 3 is full flaps, then of course that can also be used for deploying both ailerons up.

    I prefer to have the crow on a separate switch, as you can't have full flaps without crow if you use the setting as above.


    I use Crow brake as a separate function, assigned to a 2-pos. switch.
    Both aileron servos are also assigned to that function, and they are in neutral in pos-1 and both up in pos-2 on the switch.
    Forget about the mixers.


    I noted that after a flight that involved some low passes, that the minimum altitude shown on the Core widget said -13 meter.
    I did not fly that low.

    Also, the current altitude shown on the Core widget shows -4 meter, when the model is on the ground.
    Is this due to the inherent inaccuracies that comes with the GPS system?
    Or, can I reset the altitude to 0 before starting to fly?

    Oherwise, the GPS II works like a dream.


    How many "teeth" are there in the output spline gear on MKS servos?

    In other words, will servo arms for Futaba, Graupner or Hitec fit the MKS servos?


    Is the exchange program still available for Weatronics users?


    The exchange option program ended in March, so you're a good 6 months late.
    If you have a Weatronic BAT 60 or 64, the going price in the general market is still 400-500 euro.
    Gizmos generally sell for up to 200 euro for the top models.

    Micro series receivers, 50 euro.

    You shouldn't have too much trouble selling most of your Weatronic stuff.


    When there's a new product out, you need to get a new version of the terminal programs.
    The Android appstore tells you when there's a new version that you should update to. You stiil need to go into the android appstore to check.
    The PC terminal program does not.
    The "update" you see when you start the PC terminal program is to check for new fw updates for any PB products.
    Not the PC terminal program itself.

    If I understand it correctly.


    Erstens, Terminal program updaten. Soll Version 2.4.4 sein, und da ist der iGyro 3xtra dabei.

    Zweitens, Mobile terminal updaten. Soll version 2.03 sein, und da ist auch der iGyro 3xtra dabei.