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    What happens if a servo Jams and over amps a Mercury? Does the mercury shut off power to that servo? If so does the power come back after a period of time or does the unit have to be repaired at the factory if that happens?



    Very odd thing happening .. I am unable to change the units in the telemetry section for the SPEED only for the GPS telemetry to my Jeti. There is no way to change it from KPH to MPH.. Am I missing something .. Everything else is in US Units(Imperical)


    Hello, your signal controller is a very old version: V x.2. This means we have to update in factory

    How do we tell what version of the signal controller we have? And what version MUSt it be to work with Jeti UDI.. I have one hooked up and I cannot get any output. It had been working previously with JR.. I am changing over to Jeti

    Ok I am lost... I have my mercury hooked up to my ex r3 (2 of them in dual path with output set to UDI) there is no option for UDI 16.. I have my gyro gain channel set to channel 15 on a slider.. I see the output moving on the monitor but the setup assistant doesn't recognize it.. My FM switch is on Channel 10 and teh setup assistant sees that fine....

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thats in Advance!!

    Mp unfortunately you only have 3 flight modes available via the Mercury

    They dont use your screens they use the same ID.. I will do it Saturday at the field...

    One other question.. Does the mercury sense the sticks in the center every time it powers up?

    I have moved the CG on one of my airplanes and had to retrim it pretty significantly and the Mercury seems to be as "effective" .. Do you know what i mean?

    Or do I need to reteach it the centers again?



    Any word on the Kingtech issue with you both using the same Unique Identifier?(At least I think thats what it is) The issue is you cannot have Kingtech AND Mercury telemetry plugged into a TM1000 telemetry device because only one of you will work.


    TO the current version of the software... On that unit I was actually on version 5 not 7 .. It was a new unit.. I had forgot to update it before I installed it.. Once I saw that I updated it and it functioned correctly after that.. I was able to sign a channel to both FM and to GAIN without any issue

    So it turns out that the bug is in version 5 and NOT ver 7

    Thank you again for your GREAT customer service.. It is definitely top in the industry..