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    Mp unfortunately you only have 3 flight modes available via the Mercury

    They dont use your screens they use the same ID.. I will do it Saturday at the field...

    One other question.. Does the mercury sense the sticks in the center every time it powers up?

    I have moved the CG on one of my airplanes and had to retrim it pretty significantly and the Mercury seems to be as "effective" .. Do you know what i mean?

    Or do I need to reteach it the centers again?



    Any word on the Kingtech issue with you both using the same Unique Identifier?(At least I think thats what it is) The issue is you cannot have Kingtech AND Mercury telemetry plugged into a TM1000 telemetry device because only one of you will work.


    TO the current version of the software... On that unit I was actually on version 5 not 7 .. It was a new unit.. I had forgot to update it before I installed it.. Once I saw that I updated it and it functioned correctly after that.. I was able to sign a channel to both FM and to GAIN without any issue

    So it turns out that the bug is in version 5 and NOT ver 7

    Thank you again for your GREAT customer service.. It is definitely top in the industry..

    Yes Richard.... I have set up 4 of my own and helped numerous others.. It recognizes the channel when I am setting it up in setup assistant and then when I go to the input channels it says input 0 on the gain channel..

    This is on a DX20

    On the newest firmware...


    Richard when I use the setup assistant (WHich I did initially) even though I end with the system recognizing the gain channel during setup .. It ends up with 0 as an input when all said and done. SO that when I use the flight assistant it doesn't recognize any input of the gain. I have done this 3 times and since i have gear doors and brakes and gear it is a bit of a pain in the butt.. Please explain to me why this type of behavior is occurring..


    I a not sure if this is a DX20 Channel mapping issue (with the way they assign channels)

    But here it he problem I am having.. When I go to the assign input menu.. When I assign channel 14 to Gain then hit SET it changes my flight mode input channel to 0 so when I go and set the flight mode input to 15 it sets the gain channel to 0..

    DOnt know how to make this work....

    Also do you know what channels are mapped to PB Mercury on DX20.. Is AUX6 and 7 channel 11 and 12 the X+1 13 and X+2 14 and so on?

    Thanks in advance


    Good sport man.... Thanks .. You will appreciate the board I promise!

    As for the NASA guys I had the privilege of hanging out with a LOT of those guys at RCACF in Orlando.. And the stories they tell and the help they give are BOTH amazing!!!!!!

    Thanks Again


    Wow man that was ruthless.. I have to just put my 2 cents in.. PB Customer service is some of the BEST in the industry. I understand your frustration when you get a new "toy" and want to make stuff happen (I am the KING of inpatient) but wow... I use MPX connectors on my wing connections and my ECU connections and have a bunch laying around... So I guess I take it for granted that they don't come with the unit.. But none of my Booma stuff used to come with power connectors either.. I dunno



    I have a new install in a T1 (Took me forever to get). This is my 4th Mercury.. The display does not work.. I used the display from another Mercury and it does not work either. The display I received with THIS mercury works on my other units.. I think this unit is BAD ... I purchased this late May from Dreamworks...



    I just installed 2 Mercurys in 2 new jets I have not yet maidened.. ( i am still building the second one)

    One is an Odyssey and the other is a T1

    Is terse a "safe" distance from the Turbine to the powerbox?


    Excuse me if this is a ridiculous question, but I cannot find the answer ANYWHERE on this forum.

    WHat is the best way to install the receiver?

    Horizontal or vertical?

    Here are 2 pictures.. Should I use the orientation of the one on the red web (Horizontal) or like the other (vertical)

    Also if it is under 3/16" plywood how much degradation will I see in performance