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    Hello, Richard, at least we have found the problem of software version, thanks ;).

    Please send me your complete address to send it.

    Now I am going to check the second Champion unit, I think is the same, probably you will receive two units.



    Tadango : servo starts to move randomly when the signal becomes low, it is not a failsafe.

    My setup is different from yours, I connected an RX8R to RX1 of PB and R9Slim to RX2.

    I also suspected a frame sync problems with the two receivers on different frequencies.

    I will buy an RX8Pro and connect it as per your sestup and re- check all things but I think this will not solves the problem.

    Immagine we have a failure in the RX8R that is connected to the 868Mhz, frames from the 868Mhz receiver will arrive at the same time as the other connected RX8R receiver connected to the other port of PB, I think the problem will reapper, what do you think about?

    Thanks a lot



    Hello Powerbox team, yesterday I made some checks on my bench to test a future setup of my system.

    It will be comprised of a Frsky X8R receiver ( 2.4Ghz) and R9Slim ( 868Mhz).

    I connected them to RX1 and RX2 of PB Champion SRS and powered them on, obviously set RX to S-bus.

    Immediately I seen the two dots, in the main PB screen, showing the signals coming from RX, solid white, strange, in my other setup, Graupner Hott, same PB model, there is always only one dot lit,

    if I disconnect the active receiver, it switches to the backup one, right.

    Continuing my tests, and going far from the TX, I noticed that the two dots are not solid, they flichers at very high rate, conitnuing to go far from tx, the connected servos starts to move

    in a casual manner, this is not good, if I put this on my 2.70m model sure it will go to hit the ground.

    Disconnecting one receiver, no difference if is the 2.4 or 868, all works fine even if I am at the limit of the receiver low senistivity threshold, obviousli the antenna fades, and lost frames, increases very quickly till 2048 then stops to count. My thought is that there is some kind of incompatibility between PB and FrSky, S-Bus is a standard but probably there are some differences between PB and FrSky. I heard something similar with Hitec Aurora 9 and Maxima SL rx ( in the Flyingiants forum ). Please have you some suggestions? When Powerbox will support Frsky S-port telemetry protocol? Thanks for your attention.

    Best regards


    Hello, somtimes it si difficult to place the big Champion display into the model, often is hard to read, after a flight, because is behind a plastic canopy not so transparent, now I have done this mod.

    I cut the flat cable of the display and put a couple of male/female mini connectors by soldering the 16 wires on them, the result is very satisfactory for me, and I removed around 50 grams from the payload;)

    When the airplane is again on the ground, I attach the display and check battery consumption, fading and so on, very user friendly now.

    I think will be a nice feature to add to next production, or a split cable instead of the one sold with Champio.



    Hello PB team, do you have some stickers to sell?

    Only one is not too much, after I put them on the first model, and sold it, I can no longer advertise your products :)


    Haha - lol... this is the only documentation available... and this is in big ares not correct. The alarming bits for example are wrong in documentation. I took some hours to find out exactly what the alarm codes do. I sent the correct alarm codes to Graupner to correct their documentation... but they never did!

    I can ensure you something: our CORE documentation is always up to date - made from one who has learned how many time one can waste with bad documentation!

    I checked the code, if there is 0x52 this is low battery. What battery are you using and what battery type did you set in the PowerBox?

    Hi Richard, the very bad thing about Graupner is their assistance, poor documentation, sometimes wrong.

    There are no forums like this to share informations or search for a problem previously signalled.

    But, to make things shorter, I found the problem!!!

    I always connected only 1 battery to PB input.... Sorry!!! With 2 batteries connected there is no more alarm.

    But the misleading info was the Low receiver voltage alarm.

    Probably you set the wrong bit when you have to signal one of the two batteries missing or low voltage. May be changed? I know at this point is not an high priority issue, I know that in case of RX low voltage alarm one battery, or may be both, are low; is it the case to inform all other customers , using Hott, of such behavior?

    Thanks to Alexander also for the suggestion.



    p.s. I am going to trace to see if x'52' is now x'00', just for fun ;)

    Sensor answer:

    Byte 1: 0x7C = Start byte data

    Byte 2: 0x8E = Electric Sensor

    Byte 3: 0… = warning beeps

    Byte 4: 224 0xE0 Sensor ID

    Hello Richard, I have poor Hott documentation, probably you have a better one.

    Tracing the Telemetry bus I found byte 3 always x'52', I don't know if this maybe the problem

    Hello Richard, yes, they are at the very last firmwares both TX/RX.

    TX MC-32 is at 2V018, dated 15/11/2017

    RX GR-32 is at 4A20 dated 27/6/2017

    I am a software engineer so I know the problems involved into the updates.

    Maybe also that Graupner changed something in the last firmware, a check that I can make is to downgrade TX and RX to the preceeding

    firmware versions.

    I started tracing the Hott frames into the T bus connected to PB and maybe I can help you discover which "bit" causes the false alarm



    Hello Richard, here the results, the alarm is still active, nothing changed, here the steps I made:

    upgraded GPS2 to version 0.1.1, configured to be connected at iGyro/Mercury SRS/Royal SRS.

    I then connected it to the DATA port of Champion SRS, the TELE port is connected to the T port of Hott GR32 receiver.

    As usual I can see the 2 new sensors in the radio with correct data displayed, battery voltage for the electric module and GPS position for the other sensor.

    Please have you some other checks to make?

    In these conditions the telemetry coming from PB is unusable.

    Thanks and regards


    p.s. there are no voltage alarms to be set in the terminal for GPS2

    Hello, I started to configure my second PB Cahampion/SRS to be put in my next project, a turbine model airplane.

    Yesterday I connected my Graupner GR-32 SBUS to port RX1 of PB, then I connected port T (Telemetry ) of receiver to the TELE port of PB.

    Now in the MC-32 radio I can see two more sensors, GENERAL AIR and GPS ( GPS is not connected ), tha's fine, BAT1 and BAT2 correctly shows the same voltage as the PB display and if I attach servo's the telemetry correctly shows the current actually consumed. But there is a problem, a "bling bling" RX VOLTAGE LOW alarm continuously coming out from the radio every second.

    I checked all the possible points to disable it. In the RX parameter the alarm is set as default 3.8V, the voltage displayed in the first screen of RX is 5.8V.

    After a lot of checks I disconnected the telemetry cable from PB and the alarm disappeared; so probably a parameter to activate the alarm was passed from PB to the rx and then to the radio.

    This is a link of the same problem found in the USA from another friend, but GRAUPNER USA did not solve the problem, they think is not their failure:…r-battery-voltage-warning

    It seems that it comes from the ESC/BEC, in my case my BEC is the PB itself, please may you help?

    Best regards