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    Hi, i´m fnishing my F-18 and i need to know how i will program it. The problem is that i have to put the elevons, and the flap works like aileron to, so i will program it like a Delta airplane and use the flaps with Direct channels (without gyro) or there is another way to do it? Thanks

    This video show what is the problem:

    Hi, i have the Mercury installed in 5 of my jets and recently i installed it in my new Carf Su-27, in that particular airplane there is no ailerons, only taileron. What i have notice is that when i turn the gyro on (fm1 or fm2) the control throws reduced a lot, in other airplanes i have installed this is not a big problem because i can easy increase the servo travel, but in that one i cant put more throws and the airplane is very very slow in the rolls.

    I will appreciate all the help,


    Sérgio Cruz

    Hello, i have 5 Mercury´s installed in my Jets and i notice that i have a lot of vibrations with gyro on! There is some solution for it? I already change the turbine ECU position but the situation still the same.